Kristin Cavallari Says Her Husband Stops Her From Getting Too Skinny

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Kristin CavallariEveryone has their own definition of what being "in shape" means to them. For some, being skinny doesn't mean that they're in good health. For Kristin Cavallari, former star of The Hills, being healthy isn't necessarily being skinny. In fact, she reveals to Disfunksion magazine that her husband helps keep her in check. "I'm lucky to have Jay who would rather have a couple pounds on me," Kristin said. "He tells me when I'm too skinny. That helps."

I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now. Too skinny? THIS is the kind of problem that Cavallari has? But here's the thing -- we all need someone like Jay Cutler in our lives. It makes being and staying healthy much, much easier.

When it comes to staying in shape and getting fit, all of us can be our own worst critics. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what's healthy vs. what's not because you have a certain number on the scale in mind that you want to achieve. The reality? A low number may work for someone else, but not be right for you. Sometimes when you're wrapped up in the weight loss, you lose sight of what looks good and what's just too much. Vice versa, when you're overweight, sometimes it's someone else who makes you realize you need to make a change. 

That's where these healthy friends come into play. Whether it's a lover, a family member, or just your best gal pal -- having someone to talk to about your health is critical. Whether it's just discussing new recipes, trading diet tips, or -- we all need that added support to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I've had healthy supporters for all different issues. When I was overweight, I listened to my mom when she told me to skip that second piece of cake. After losing weight, I listened to one of my best friends who suggested I get in the gym and start strength training to try and bulk up. It may be hard to realize it at first, but these people are just trying to help. Sometimes a little tough love is exactly what we all need.

Do you have someone who keeps you grounded?

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nonmember avatar Katherine

I'm pretty sure he's her fiance, not her husband.

momofcfk momofcfk

Really that is all you got from this article....that he is her fiance not her husband...really??

nonmember avatar Selena

Yeah, he's not her husband. Don't really care, but she's made a really big deal about it in the press here in Chicago. She's making a feeble attempt at staying relevant, but it's not working well.

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