7 Reasons I'm Daring to Go On a Detox Diet

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Mary FischerOMG, you guys. It's April. Like the end of April. And you know what that means? In a matter of a couple months, I'll be wearing shorts, sundresses, and (gulp) swimsuits -- which means it's about time to get my ass in gear and finally shed the extra layer of blah I've been carrying around since the holidays.

And that's why on Monday, I'm starting a 10-day Spring detox that will literally clean me out, refresh my spirit, and restore energy to my body so I can once again feel like I want to take over the world. (No, not literally, but you know what I mean.)

Ok, so I know what you're thinking. Something like, "Ugh. A detox? No way. I can't deprive myself for 10 days straight -- even if it does help me feel a thousand times better."

Believe it or not, the Spring Renewal Detox I'll be doing is food based, meaning I'll be enjoying three meals a day, two snacks -- and won't have to worry about feeling lethargic, hungry, or irritable. (Yep. You get to eat on this one. A total plus.)

And the best part is that I'll have my friend Lisa Consiglio Ryan of Whole Health Designs coaching me along and supporting me the entire time. Lisa is a holistic health counselor -- and this isn't the first time I've detoxed with her. I did another one of her 10-day programs a couple years ago -- and I never felt better than after I completed it. (The picture at left was taken post-detox ... didn't I look good?)

Ok, ok, I'm sure you want to know what exactly the benefits of detoxing are, and what kind of results I can expect to see after the program is finished.

I'm breaking it down for you into seven reasons I really want and need to detox.

  1. Weight loss -- Duh. I've been carrying around a few extra unwanted pounds since the beginning of winter, and it's time for them to GO. This detox has an average weight loss of 4 to 10 pounds. (Score.)
  2. Decreased belly fat and bloating -- Hello? There's nothing worse than a muffin top. And 10 days from Monday, I won't have one anymore.
  3. Energy -- I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. By cleaning out my system, I'll feel so much lighter overall, and the fatigue that's been plaguing me will magically disappear.
  4. Amazing sleep -- Seriously. It's incredible how much more soundly you sleep at night when you cut the junk from your diet. I'm really looking forward to getting some great z's while on this detox.
  5. No more cravings -- Every time I cut the crap, I lose my cravings for sugar, processed foods, and booze. (Yes, I'm being serious.)
  6. A natural glow -- Turns out you don't have to get knocked up to achieve a radiant complexion. By drinking plenty of water and eating foods that flush out toxins, my skin is going to look awesome.
  7. The fog will lift -- Lately, I've felt kind of scatterbrained, depressed, and out of it. Detoxing almost feels like pulling up a window shade to expose the sunlight as far as my mental and emotional state goes.

Man. I can't wait to feel like "me" again.

And yes, I have to give up caffeine, wine, sugar, and my boyfriend (filet mignon) -- but it's SO gonna be worth it.

Wish me luck -- I'll be back again after I'm done to report my results, which I'm sure will be fantastic!

Have you ever tried a detox?


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peanu... peanutsmommy1

ah, nothing like a sales pitch cloaked as an article....

lulou lulou

wonder if this was one of their freebies from the conference

nonmember avatar Lilac

Holistic health counselor. Otherwise knows as some hippie lady with No medical training whatsoever who takes your money while selling you snake oil and false hope. I can't do a juice cleanse or whatever this detox crap is because of my hypoglycemia. But if I didn't know I had that condition and just tried it I am sure my holistic health person wouldn't have enough training to see me getting super ill. Sorry if I sound jaded but a friend of mine went the Holistic can cure anything route with the help of a holistic counselor for her cancer. Yeah she's dead now and it was a suffering death. She waited too long to seek actually medical help believing herbs, restrictive diets (gluten free, sugar free etc.) would cure her all on this woman's word.

nonmember avatar Rebecca

You do know the weight comes back after you finish the detox, right?

nonmember avatar Madeline

You get all of this from eating balanced meals, staying hydrated and exercising. I detox using mint, cucumber water, green tea, and daily spoonfuls of coconut oil. Much simpler and cheaper.

Angie... AngieHayes

I just juice for a couple days and buy my own organic veggies and fruits, its super easy.

Angie... AngieHayes

Beets are great, but I never add too much!!!

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