Jessica Alba's Double Corset Weight Loss Trick Sounds So Crazy We Might Try It

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba has two beautiful daughters -- Honor, 4, and Haven, 1. As fantastic as she looks these days, however, you would never know that woman actually carried and gave birth to them. Her body is amazing. 

She's not one of those celebrities who just magically bounced back to her pre-baby weight either. Instead she said it took discipline, and a special tactic that is questionable at best.

It was ... girdles. In a recent interview with Net-a-Porter's online magazine, she said she wore two of them day and night for three months. Day and night. "It was brutal; it's not for everyone," she said. "It was sweaty but worth it."

Girdles, seriously? That's how she gets that bod?

She doesn't seem like the type to be into something so gimmicky. While I suppose it qualifies as natural, it's also just so archaic. Besides it doesn't seem all that safe. In an article on corsets, ABC's Deborah Roberts quoted Dr. Sara Gottfried who said while wearing a corset for short periods of time may be fine and lead to some weight loss, wearing them 24/7 can have some serious health consequences:

Namely, it will be squeezing your ribs so much that you can’t take a deep breath. Corsets can squish your lungs by 30 to 60 percent, making you breathe like a scared rabbit. They can also put a kink in your organs and cause constipation.

Yikes! Still, given the option of just wearing an uncomfortable piece of clothing or hoofing it to the gym, and sweating it out there, I'm thinking the girdle -- squished lungs and all -- may just win out for plenty of people. Some fancy girdle maker needs to sign Jess on as a spokesperson ASAP, because her bod is one of the best reasons I can imagine for ever even considering such a thing.

Would you wear corsets to help you lose weight? Has anyone actually tried it?


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Lisa Del Fante

That is the dumbest thing I ever heard !!!!! Talk about being vain.

nonmember avatar Jeanna Russ

Dumb you think? I have heard of far worse things to try to curb that nagging appetite than girdles. If I could find one of these double corsets, I'd certainly give it a go. Although I'm small framed to begin with and have about 15 pounds to lose. But I'm sure they make them in different sizes. I thinks its refreshing when the famed share their secrets. Lighten up

mudwrap mudwrap

I wore girdles after I gave birth to my first two children and my waist became size 24. My third child I got lazy. My waist still looks like I'm 4 month pregnant even after 1 year had passed.

Punki... Punkindrublic

Many women use these after birth. They don't really help with weight loss. They help move your bones after loosening and separating during pregnancy.

nonmember avatar Me

The corsets of today arent designed to give you an 18 in waist like 100 y ago, they just squish in all your fatty midparts, especially after giving birth when your muscles are stretched out, you have extra skin hanging and a uterus desperately trying to shrink I can see a real benefit in wearing one.

I wore a bellyband, sold in all babystores, meant for that purpose day and night for a month or two. Until my belly didnt jiggle back and forth when I walked. it was suggested to me by my guatemalan neighbor who said everyone in her country bands themselves after giving birth to help shrinking the belly.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I wore one after each baby and couldn't recommend it more! It's not really a corset but super intense spanx underwear that go up to the bottom of your bra. It was a bitch to put on but luckily the crotch had snaps to make it easier to pee. I also wore a hip compresser but that was mainly because I had really achy hips during my

Pregnancies. I zipped up my regular jeans 10 days after each baby*

I ate we'll and worked out up until I gave birth.

nonmember avatar JJ

Do you remember the name of what you bought?

todaca todaca

I do it quite often with just one. It doesn't crush me too badly, but it helps me to tighten things and when I take it off at night there's a big difference. I don't do it as often as I'd like, because like she said, you get really sweaty, but when I can manage it I do.

kryst... krystaldawn_21

Well I have a corset that I wear like once a month so maybe I should start trying daily for a few hours. I do like that it helps with my posture more then anything. If it can help at least lose a few inches I will be happy. I'm going to try it and tonight sounds like a good night for my corset. :)

mamav... mamavaness

I wore similar to what above commenter Ashley wore. They're like spanx type things & I wore them day & night for about a year after my pregnancy lol.& i could not recommend it more, I'm actually skinnier than before I had my baby & no jigggly loose skin. My grandma was the one who bought them for me & I thought she was silly with her weird traditions but I tried it anyway & now I would definitely recommend. Just don't use it longer than a year after I would say & take it off a little just to get some fresh air lol.

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