The Most Stressful States to Live in Revealed

stressed out womanMy whole life I've been convinced the most stressful place to live is the city I'm living in. The 'burbs where I grew up were too cold too many months out of the year, Boston's public transportation is frustratingly slow, LA's traffic was a beast, and NYC is just OMG overwhelmingly crowded and dirty and rude. As it turns out, only one of the states I called home for a time made the current Gallup poll of five most stressful places to live in the U.S. 

The results were determined by asking over 350K people one simple question: “Did you feel stressed during a lot of the day yesterday?” Yup, that's it! And based on their responses, here's what Gallup came up with as the five most hair-pulling, teeth-clenchingly stressful states ...

1. West Virginia

2. Rhode Island

3. Kentucky

4. Utah

5. Massachussetts

Bummer for those people! Especially West Virginia, Kentucky, and Utah, which have ranked in the top five consistently for the past five years. (Though it's hard to say why. Weird!)

Meanwhile, the most "relaxing" states by comparison ...

1. Hawaii

2. Louisiana

3. Mississippi

4. Iowa

5. Wyoming

Well, #1 is pretty much "duh." (Even more proof I'm positive my fiance isn't going to want to return to New Jersey after our honeymoon there next month ...) And thinking of how chilled out people must be on the bayou, cornfields, and mountains makes me long for more laidback environment!

As silly as it may seem, there really is something to this! Your surroundings -- and, of course, the local economy, social picture, population -- can very much influence our stress level. Which undoubtedly affects our well-being and health. It literally could pay to live somewhere serene. Watch out, Maui, we may be moving in!

Where does your state fall? Do you believe where you live influences your stress level and overall health?


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Vegeta Vegeta

I live in RI and MA (long story) the people here are drool-cup stupid, entitled, impatient, ignorant and rude. The world revolves around every single person, just ask em! Working in customer service type jobs for 10 years has been quite an experience.

Truth... Trutherford85

I live in Oregon & it's pretty relaxing out here, but after living in Louisiana for 3 years prior I must say I agree, LA is a very relaxed state! Always something fun to do there, super hot weather, amazing food!

Melissa Young

I believe it. I live in Ma. Tax rate increased. governor is ineffective. Price of gas is about $4/gal. Price of food is very high. rent is astronomical.

Melissa Young

Actually, Vegeta you are right. I am glad I am not the only one who feels people out here are entitled and drool cup stupid. I cam out here from Illinois. And, I see a real difference in the education and common sense here. It just doesn't exist.

Sloane Michelle Sanders

Hawaii is paradise...we were there on a vacation from Wisconsin four years ago, I did not want to go back home!

Anneke Maxwell

Surprised California wasn't in the top five

Sher Windsor

how can wv be most stressful? really? WV has the most lazy ass people there. All they do is eat or NOTHING.....smh lol

Susan Gresham

Georgia is the worst place to live!!

Sharon Basile

i thought florida be in top 5 places food hight.. rent..every body from some place else.. most are not friendly..shool system bad no jobs

Tiffany Zemke

Wyoming? Relaxing?!  Sure, if you love 50+ MPH gusts of wind and blizzards in the summer, rude people who discriminate left and right, school districts that laugh at legitimate complaints, and more.  Sorry, but after living in Wyoming for 11 years I can't possibly agree that it is a "relaxing" state. 

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