Airline Had Every Right to Kick Overweight Passenger Off Flight (VIDEO)

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flightI remember the uproar two years ago when United Airlines started imposing a fat fee. They put into place an obesity seating policy that required passengers who cannot fit into one seat to pay for a second. Since then -- other airlines have adopted their same policy, including Southwest. A 340-pound Texas man by the name of Matthew Harper recently got the boot from a Southwest flight because of his size. On company business, his employer failed to book him two seats, and since the flight was overbooked to begin with, there was just no room for him.

I feel bad. In the process, Matt tells a local news outlet that he felt like a criminal for being overweight. After briefly departing the aircraft, Matt ended up being able to fly, but there are most definitely others who have not had the same chance.

Is it fair? Not really. But it makes sense.

I understand there are a whole slew of reasons why people are overweight in today's society. I understand that just because you ARE overweight doesn't mean you want to be. Heck, no one wants to live their life like that. With that said, though, if you take up two seats on an aircraft, then it makes sense that you have to PAY for both seats, period.

Is it an awesome concept? No, of course not. The idea has got to be a horrible thing to come to terms with for those affected, not just because of the price involved, but because of the negative stigma attached. While some people cry discrimination, I personally disagree. I see it as an airline trying to accommodate their flyers. And besides, if you're overweight, you'll be more comfortable in two seats instead of one. That's just the way the in-flight snack service cookie crumbles.

Hear more about Matthew Harper's story, here:

Do you think it's unfair for airlines to charge overweight passengers for an extra seat?


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.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

It's sad for people who are that over weight and I feel for them BUT I think the airline is right to charge for two seats. I have been on flights where severally over weight people have taken un the aisle!! Or been half into the seat next to them, while another passenger was in it!! I felt so bad for the poor person sitting next to him, I would have been pissed paying for a seat to have half of it taken up by the person next to me! 

I am overweight myself, not take up two seats over weight but over weight none the less so I do feel for those who are effected by this but it is what it is, you take up two seats you should pay for them. 

happi... happinessforyou

If airlines can boot overweight people off-then you better kick off the drunk person, the girl with her skirt so short it shows her who-who, the screaming kids, the kid kicking the back of the seat, the couple having an argument, the person who stinks of smoke or cologne, the guy picking his feet etc..etc..

There better be "equal treatment"!

nonmember avatar krelia

Equal treatment? With those apples to oranges comparisons? Try to be less asinine

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

ok, I have to correct the "no one wants to be overweight" and say BS, there ARE people that choose to be overweight.  Look at the BBW community; they shout about  how some poeple are always going to be overweight and how they LOVE and are so happy being overweight.  They maybe happy and it's their right to eat themselves to death but that doen't give them or anyone the right to infridge on others rights to a safe and comfortable flight; your rights end where mine begins.  

Foley... Foleygirl24

The thing that bothers me about overweight people having to buy two seats is this (and I'm not overweight):  half the time the airline switches seat arrangements around so that the extra seat is not adjacent to the overweight person, and the other half of the time the airline decides to "fill" the empty seat because the plane is overbooked. So what's the point of having these people buy two seats? It just ends up being a monetary penalty. I've yet to see an overweight person on a plane with an empty seat next to them, on airlines that require a two seat purchase.

Felly... FellyScarlett

You have to use two seats, but you think it's unfair you have to pay for them both? On what planet does thet even make sense?

nonmember avatar Lilac

Happinessforyou: Last time I check there are new atricles about women being kicked of for inappropriate clothes. Drunk being kicked off for being loud and violent. Kids and families being kicked off for tantrums and refusing to buckle the seat belt.

Klang... Klangdale

foleygirl--i've actually seen many cases where the seat next to them IS occuppied by the same person. In fact I flew a few months back and the guy chuckled to me that he bought a seat for himself..and another for his love handles. He was good spirited about it..i had the window seat.  I would also think that the airline has no right to sale the seat if it has been paid for unless they refund it. I am all about charging for a second seat if applicable. If you cant fit into your designated seat--the one you bought--then why should the person next to you only get to use 60% of the seat that they paid 100% for? It is what it is. I would assume an overweight person would feel the same way if someone was literally all over them for a two-three hour flight.

Caera Caera

It is discrimination. Anyone who doesn't think so is obviously a stuck up bitch.

Happy... Happydad73

If you are fat you have to have more cloth to make your clothes so you pay more. You have to have sturdier furniture so you pay more. You usually eat more food so you pay more. If you take up 2 seats you should have to pay more. Why is this discrimination?

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