Woman Told She’s Too Fat to Tan at Salon (VIDEO)

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A woman who was told she was too fat to tan says she's being discriminated against. Kelly McGrevey bought a tanning package deal at the Aloha Tanning salon in Ohio, but after she paid her $70, the owner turned her away, saying that tanning beds could only handle people up to 230 pounds. McGrevey says she was "shocked and embarrassed and humiliated" after being told she was too fat to tan. But how would she have felt if she'd broken the tanning bed and ended up injured?

I feel for McGrevey, but this isn't discrimination. It's a fact that not everything can carry all weights. Elevators have weight limits. So do planes. It may be crude and embarrassing, but telling someone over a certain weight that he or she can't get in that tanning bed isn't discrimination, it's just common sense. If McGrevey broke the bed and hurt herself, she'd be suing!

McGrevey, however, has another complaint, and that is that the owner refused to refund her money. Okay, that's just wrong. They took her money seeing how much she weighed, and if they made a mistake, then they should give her her money back. End of story. Instead, the salon reportedly told her to take it up with her credit card company. What?! That makes no sense.

McGrevey had only managed one tanning session -- in a standing bed -- before that broke (ironic!) and then she had nowhere to tan. But the salon wouldn't give her a refund. Give this woman her money back! Apparently the owner also refused to show McGrevey the policy on heavy people, yet claims he had to replace many of the beds because of how heavy people are.

McGrevey filed a police report, but it's unclear if she did it because the guy wouldn't give her a refund or because he told her she's too heavy.

Look, this isn't discrimination. Not everything in the world is made to hold all weights. And I don't blame the guy for putting a policy in place if he's had to keep replacing beds. But a refund is definitely in order.

Maybe this will be a wakeup call for McGrevey to try and lose some weight, but it sounds like she thinks it's all the tanning salon's issue, not hers.

Do you think that this was discrimination?

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nonmember avatar K

There's absolutely nothing wrong with turning her away because she's fat. They should refund, yes, but people need to stop babying the obese. She could have injured herself or broken the bed and then would have sued them for her being fat. I wish America would stop trying to build acceptance for the fat (yes, fat) and promoting heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It's her fault and problem, let this serve as a wake up call. It's not okay to be fat period.

LostS... LostSoul88

It isn't discrimination. She IS to fat for the bed and might break it, then the salon would be out even more money. Plus its for her protection, what would have happen if it broke while she was sitting in it? She could have opt for the standing tanning bed or even a spray tan. 

Now the salon not giving the money back is BS and I would she fights it and wins. What a fucked up salon. 

LostS... LostSoul88

wait looks liek a skipped the standing bed paragraph. So the standing one broke with her in it? Well maybe she is what caused it to break and therefore she isn't entitled for her money back. She should pay to have it replaced. 

nonmember avatar blue

She was not told, "she is too fat." She was told, that the bed could not handle over 230 pounds. BIG difference. If their store has a sign up or a written policy sating no refunds, then they don't owe her a refund. If they don't, they should give her money back. The guy dos sound like a jerk, but that doesn't mean he was discriminating. Perhaps, she should start to consider her weight. She is so heavy, places turn her away. If it's so humiliating, it seems she would lose weight...not broadcast it to the whole country.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Definitely not discrimination. There are weight limits in place for health and safety reasons. The way the salon went about it was definitely wrong. They should never have given her a membership if she didn't qualify for it and they should have reimbursed her. 

nonmember avatar MamaBoo

I think we need to cover that fat and weight are not always correct. You can always be 230 pounds and not be bad. Muscle also ways. Not commenting on if this woman is or isn't fat. Just having to point that out because it sounds like the author of this article is possibly forgetting that. If the salon turns away anyone that is over 230 pounds, then chances are it's not just because they're fat. It's because they way over 230 pounds.

Secondly, the salon owes this woman her money back. Completely and absolutely.

amber... amberdotsmom

I'm heavey and I don't think it's discrimination - many things come with a weight limit, heck the patio chairs we just bought have a weight limit on the tag. 

 I think it's sneaky and an unfair business practice though that she gets no refund.  Either the salon knew what it was doing in advance in which case it's straight theft or they changed the policy after but even then she's pre-paid for a service she's now denied and not by her choice.  A refund should be obvious, I wonder why the owner doesn't realize the cost of bad publicity - even thinner people should be wondering if this is a shady outfit and that will affect them much more than this one refund could.

amazz... amazzonia

That's not discrimination that's safety

Vegeta Vegeta

If she broke one of the machines then she owes the salon way more than 70$. Kinda sucks that the weight limit is kind of low for tall muscular guys. I'm almost 200 and I'm not fat (or tall lol).


I too am overweight -  I do not find the weight issue discriminating.  And, if the place of business saw me in person and still took my money and did not post, explain to me or even gave me documentation about a weight standard--then yes, I (she) deserves a refund.  However, if the usage of the stand-up tanning bed broke because of something I did (or my weight was too much)--then I don't deserve a refund. 

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