Woman Told She’s Too Fat to Tan at Salon (VIDEO)

A woman who was told she was too fat to tan says she's being discriminated against. Kelly McGrevey bought a tanning package deal at the Aloha Tanning salon in Ohio, but after she paid her $70, the owner turned her away, saying that tanning beds could only handle people up to 230 pounds. McGrevey says she was "shocked and embarrassed and humiliated" after being told she was too fat to tan. But how would she have felt if she'd broken the tanning bed and ended up injured?


I feel for McGrevey, but this isn't discrimination. It's a fact that not everything can carry all weights. Elevators have weight limits. So do planes. It may be crude and embarrassing, but telling someone over a certain weight that he or she can't get in that tanning bed isn't discrimination, it's just common sense. If McGrevey broke the bed and hurt herself, she'd be suing!

McGrevey, however, has another complaint, and that is that the owner refused to refund her money. Okay, that's just wrong. They took her money seeing how much she weighed, and if they made a mistake, then they should give her her money back. End of story. Instead, the salon reportedly told her to take it up with her credit card company. What?! That makes no sense.

McGrevey had only managed one tanning session -- in a standing bed -- before that broke (ironic!) and then she had nowhere to tan. But the salon wouldn't give her a refund. Give this woman her money back! Apparently the owner also refused to show McGrevey the policy on heavy people, yet claims he had to replace many of the beds because of how heavy people are.

McGrevey filed a police report, but it's unclear if she did it because the guy wouldn't give her a refund or because he told her she's too heavy.

Look, this isn't discrimination. Not everything in the world is made to hold all weights. And I don't blame the guy for putting a policy in place if he's had to keep replacing beds. But a refund is definitely in order.

Maybe this will be a wakeup call for McGrevey to try and lose some weight, but it sounds like she thinks it's all the tanning salon's issue, not hers.

Do you think that this was discrimination?

Image via Channel 3

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