Kenya Moore’s Fitness Advice Could Actually Get You Skinny

Kenya MooreWhen I first found out that Real Housewife Kenya Moore was releasing her own fitness DVD, I had my doubts. In my mind, it seemed like her only motivation for the whole shebang was the drama that happened with costar Phaedra, trying to one-up her with her own workout routine. But considering the woman does have a pretty nice backside ... I let it slide.

Well Kenya recently dished her health and workout tips to Perez Hilton. Her biggest one? Focus. If, for example, your goals are to tone up your body and lose some weight, you can't just will it to happen, you have to commit. If you're not altering your lifestyle in some way -- you aren't just gonna lose five pounds overnight.

Well shoot, it sounds like the woman may actually know a thing or two about getting in shape. And here I was thinking she was full of hot air.


OK, so it's not exactly rocket science. Kenya has a point, though. You can't just expect to drop pounds by cutting out carbs or sugar and BAM -- you're a skinny minny. You need to focus on your ultimate goal and commit to being a better you.

But here's the catch: You don't have to get rid of everything you loved about your former lifestyle just to lose weight and tone up. Seriously, I mean it! If you do, I firmly believe that there's no way that you're going to stick to your new "healthier" routine.

The important thing to remember about making healthy changes is you have to be realistic. If you're someone who loves chocolate, reward yourself with a fun size bag after a long workout. If you're someone who can't miss an episode of The Voice (raises hand), then make sure to tape it or program your workout around it. If you sacrifice the things you love to get skinny, in my eyes, it's just not always worth it. Yeah yeah yeah, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" and all that mumbo jumbo. But you don't have to ruin your life to "better" it. I promise. Focus doesn't mean misery.

Have you ever committed to losing weight?

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