Looking Skinny on Your Wedding Day Isn't Worth Making Yourself Sick

woman getting fit for wedding gownWith just a matter of a couple of weeks before the Big Day, I've come to realize there are two wacky behaviors people assume all brides-to-be are engaging in. The top two: Stressing out about minor details that have yet to come together and starving herself. While I'm totally guilty of the first, the second blows my mind. Why do we almost assume that someone getting married is on an extreme crash diet? And act like that's just a normal part of planning? It's NOT.

Along with all things wedding mania, from sweating over picking the perfect "YES!" dress to having the perfect DIY touches to choosing a photographic theme worthy of Pinterest, has come brideorexia. It's almost like someone snuck it onto that Knot checklist of pre-wedding to-dos: "Finalize vendor payments, stop eating, proofread programs ..." What the heck!? I honestly cannot think of a more dangerous way of preparing for your wedding day.


Women have almost passed out at their cocktail hour, because they weren't eating enough in an effort to fit into their dress. Others subsist on juice or diet shakes for weeks before the wedding, so they can appear slimmer as they walk down the aisle. And it's NOT okay.

Why is it that we're supposed to take such meticulous care of all these minute details in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, but actually taking care of ourselves is an acceptable thing to let fall by the wayside as the Big Day looms closer? Or worse yet, we've talked ourselves into the idea that dangerous last-minute crash dieting is a way to take care of ourselves. Talk about twisted!

Look, I get it. The Wedding Industrial Complex drives this idea of perfection that perpetuates and conditions us to accept extremes. To go to great lengths to be the best-looking bride we can possibly be. I'm not saying we shouldn't still attempt to do that. But there's a better way than bringing your blood sugar to the brink of a crisis.

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How about hitting the gym as hard as you can? Taking an extra spinning class, trying something you never got to squeeze into your pre-wedding workout regimen. And being extra sure to fuel those workouts by eating clean, whole foods, veggies galore, lean protein, and drinking lots of bloat-busting water. In other words, treating your body well, so you can be looking and feeling your best instead of showing up at the altar a stressed-out, sick, dizzy, not to mention hungry as hell mess. Because no matter what we're told or tell ourselves, that's never a good look for a bride. 

Do you agree there's a weird acceptance of brideorexia? What was your diet/fitness like in the weeks leading up to your wedding?


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