Amanda Seyfried Shares the Sexy Way She Became More Comfortable in Her Skin

amanda seyfriedAmanda Seyfried may look like the picture perfect, America's sweetheart type who could never in a million years have a gripe about her body. But she hasn't always felt comfortable in her own skin, she recently revealed in Allure magazine. While promoting her upcoming biopic, Lovelace -- in which she stars as porn star Linda Lovelace -- Amanda admitted she used to struggle with body image as a teen. Especially when it came to her D-cup breasts, which, since losing weight, have gone down to a "small C."

Amanda confesses, "When I look back, I'm like, 'Why did I always give myself such a hard time?' Nobody gave me sh-t about it except me.'" But interestingly, playing Lovelace helped her make peace with her body overall ...


Amanda explains:

Maybe this is backwards, but because she found the power in herself and in her body at a point, it made me feel comfortable in my own skin in a way that I hadn't been. I've got parts of me that I wish were tighter, but I don't kill myself, because it's not worth it.

Stars: They're just like us and struggle with being comfortable in their own skin! I know, newsflash, right? But you wouldn't look at someone like Amanda and necessarily peg her as someone to grapple with something like that. But it just goes to show we ALL struggle with it.

Every now and then, a survey comes out claiming that women are most confident about their bodies at 30, 40, or older, but the bottom-line is that it takes us all longer than we'd probably like to fiiiinally feel more comfortable with how we look, who we are, and what our body represents. I'm fairly certain there's no "magic age" at which a lightbulb goes off and we suddenly aren't worrying about it.

But Amanda notes one of the major realizations you've gotta have to get to that relaxed point. (And playing a porn star isn't a prereq to having this epiphany!) You have to get to the point where you're saying you're not going to torture yourself or beat yourself up for being something you're not. For not having a perfectly flat post-baby tummy like whichever hyped star or for not having a conventionally attractive according to Sports Illustrated breasts/hips/nose/butt, etc. Once you get there, it seems safe to say you're even more free to live your life in the most fulfilling and healthiest way.

Are you surprised by Amanda's revelation?


Image via Allure

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