Kristen Stewart May Be Smoking Again but She Swears She Isn’t Addicted

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Pictures of Kristen Stewart with a cigarette dangling from her mouth -- and taking out her garbage (Stars! They're just like us!) have surfaced. The odd thing is that KStew walks around for awhile with the full cig -- and doesn't light it. It just seems to be hanging there like some sort of long white appendage from her sulky mouth. Kristen has a history of smoking, though she said she quit back in November, but she also has another habit she's admitted to: She's orally fixated. All right, people, get your minds of out the gutter, let's see what this is all about.

Months ago, when she was still in the storm of Cheatgate, and things were up and down (so to speak) with her and Robert Pattinson, she told Conan O'Brien that she had quit smoking and that it wasn't difficult for her because she was never addicted to nicotine -- she was addicted to "having something in her mouth."

Yes, a million bad jokes are forming in my brain right now, but I'll refrain from going there. Anyway, KStew told Conan:

I was a bit of a faker, a circumstantial smoker. I just feel like I wasn't addicted to nicotine. I just wanted something in my mouth.

She really didn't just say she wanted something in her mouth and she was a "faker" in the same breath, did she? Yes, she did. Anyway, it looks like that "something" she wanted in her mouth was also a lit cigarette, because a few months later, she was spotted puffing away with some friends.

But this time she was photographed with an unlit cigarette. Did she just need something in her mouth? Granted, you could put anything in your mouth -- and some people do, like wacky adults who use pacifiers to quell their oral fixation -- but if you're a former smoker, a cigarette between your lips can be more comforting than a pacifier.

According to Sigmund Freud, Kristen's oral fixation must mean she either breastfed too much or too little as a baby. It always comes back to mom blaming somehow! (There is no scientific evidence to back up Freud's theory that breastfeeding too much or too little leads to smoking.)

Other oral fixations include people who are obsessive gum chewers, people who bite their nails, and yes, over-indulging in other, ahem, oral practices. So maybe Kristen's oral fixation is a benefit to at least one guy we know.

On the other hand, Stewie may not have an oral fixation at all. She may just be, ya know, a smoker.

Do you have an oral fixation?

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Cyndi Kidwell

why did I click on this...she doesn't have garbage in her hands...not sure why that was even part of the article...and wow you guys must be make me sick, why do I even look at this stuff!

nonmember avatar Time

Forced unwanted perversion and double talk for cheep excitement. Not cool, thumbs down to the writer.

Glenn Martin

If she's a smoker, SO WHAT! We no it's not good but people do far worse things. If she's trying to quit, support her.

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

This picture looks like an old picture of Kristen either while filming The RunAways or After.  What are you recycling old pictures and articles..Move On Stir and get a better person to research for articles.  Geez!

Cathy J Zink

WOW the writers for this page just get worse and worse. I seriously hope that NO ONE is paying them for this GARBAGE!! 

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