'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Loses Weight on 'DWTS' & Complains About It

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Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydUgh. Warning -- what you are about to hear will probably make you more annoyed than you've been in a really long time. Bachelor Sean Lowe has lost weight ever since Dancing With the Stars began -- and he's not happy about it.

He told OK! magazine, "Yes, I have lost weight. But as a man who likes to work out, I hate hearing that. But thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’m just kidding. We're doing eight hours of cardio a day and I'm not working out so, yeah, I'm losing weight. But once this is all over I'll get back in the gym and hopefully I'll put it back on."

Gee. Wouldn't it be nice to have Sean's problems?

Can you honestly imagine any of the women on DWTS complaining over magically dropping the pounds as a result of the competition? Um, no -- because it would never happen. And I love how he says he's "not working out" even though he's doing hours and hours of cardio every day. (Heck, I consider a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood "working out.")

I know Sean's a dude and he likes being all muscular and buff and all, but it's hard not to be jealous over how much easier most men have it when it comes to weight loss.

Over the past few years, there have been times when both my husband and I have gone on some sort of diet, and it always drives me crazy when he drops twice as many pounds as I do in half the time. I swear he can make one small change to his diet, or start exercising once or twice a week, and the weight magically falls off. Meanwhile, I'll cut my calories in half and work out practically every day and the scale doesn't budge. (It makes me nuts.)

I understand where Sean's coming from and all, but for the sake of women everywhere, he should embrace the weight loss and quit complaining about it, already. I'm sure as soon as DWTS is over and he gets back in the gym, he'll be back to his big, beefy self in no time.

Do you think men have an easier time losing weight than women?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Oh please- if he were a woman, you'd be applauding him for shirking societal expectations and not needing to lose weight to be happy. He's happy at the weight he's at- don't put your own body issues onto him.

Ginny Peluso

I think Sean Lowe is an ass and I`m sick of reading about him. Fat ass beefy ass, skinny ass, It`s all the same. He`s an ass!


nonmember avatar Emily

This is a pointless article. Sounds like you are the one complaining. I understand how Sean would want to stay muscular. He works hard for his body and he is an amazing man.

MamaKat Joyce

i think Sean Lowe shoud go home and hopefully never be heard from again!!!!

Nola Hardie

Get real,

Get real, he wasn't complaining - merely an observation!!

Ginny Peluso

Sean should just go home!

Pat Lovejoy

I was thinking last week Sean should really not take his shirt off on DWTS. He looks soft not very muscular.




Louise Larson

Man will lose weight faster than women as men have more muscle mass & muscle burns weight off quicker , Sean has awsome Bodie what weight he losses when he gets back to his ordinary routine he'll most likely put weight back on.Good luck in Happy life. :~)

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