'DWTS' Pro Karina Smirnoff Shares Her Secrets to How She Keeps That Sexy Dancer's Body

Jacoby Jones Karina SmirnoffEven though we're supposed to be paying attention to the contestants and their fancy footwork on Dancing With the Stars, it's pretty tough not to notice just how in shape the professional dancers on the show are.

And by far, one of the hottest DWTS bodies belongs to Karina Smirnoff, who is perfectly toned from head to toe. (Not that we're jealous, or anything. Wink, wink.)

Even though she spends hours each day rehearsing in the studio with her partner Jacoby Jones, Karina still pays attention to what she eats, and she still works out off of the dance floor too.


She was kind enough to share some of her best diet and fitness tips with The Stir. She's got some great tricks and secrets all of us can incorporate into our routines to try and live a healthier lifestyle -- and possibly score a dancer's body too.

On her smart eating habits:

I don't like to deprive myself. I eat a lot of veggies, especially steamed spinach and asparagus drizzled with a little olive oil. I eat a lot of wild caught fish and organic free range chicken and never go a couple of days without a salad! I also try to avoid red meat.

I can't end a day without something sweet and delicious, but just a bite or two is all I need.

On her favorite healthy snack:

I'm always on the go, especially during the Dancing With the Stars season. My body definitely craves whole grains and protein to keep up with the demands of training. My favorite go-to snack is Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Honey Crunch. It's also my favorite breakfast since the combo of whole grains and protein fill me up and keep me going through my morning.

On the importance of drinking enough water:

Staying hydrated is crucial. We are working out 6-8 hours a day and sweating a lot, so I make sure to drink lots of water, whether it's plain, electrolyte water, or coconut water. It's also important to "eat" your water, so I often snack on watermelon. It hydrates and gives you energy.

On committing to a fitness routine:

I think the key to a healthy body is finding the workout regimen that you can maintain and enjoy. Dancing 100 percent keeps me in shape and helps me to maintain my core. It's a well-rounded workout that just doesn't work one muscle group, but tones your whole body.

On working out even if you're short on time:

If I only have a few minutes, I still want to break a sweat! My go-to move is side jumps with knees, meaning you line up cones on either side of you where you can comfortably jump left to right. As one leg goes down to touch the cone, the opposite knee comes up to your chest. Try sustaining that move for a minute -- it will test your endurance!

On how to achieve a DWTS body:

Viewers need to remember we work out every day for hours on end. This isn't possible for most people looking to shed weight, so you'll see more gradual results. I recommend you work out at least three times a week -- it's important to maintain consistency. On the days you're not working out, try to walk as much as possible. Even if it's just parking in the farthest parking spot and walking to the store briskly, it will help you maintain your edge and get to your goals quicker.


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