Snooki Slams Anorexia Rumors By Revealing What She REALLY Eats

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SnookiAll right y'all, I have something I need to get off of my chest: Snooki is just too skinny. But really though! She looked SMALLER than small at last night's MTV Movie Awards. After giving birth to little meatball Lorenzo, the former Jersey Shore star has lost 42 pounds the good ol' fashioned way: diet and exercise. The guidette recently flipped her lid after hearing rumors that she was anorexic. She countered them saying she eats ALL the time:

"I go to the gym five days a week and I eat healthy. I eat chicken, I eat salads, I eat vegetables ... one day a week I have my ice cream and my chips -- but the next day I go even harder at the gym."

I mean, it's good to have a healthy eating routine. It just sounds to me, though, that Snooki's pretty much trapped by hers. If ALL she's thinking about is when she can eat what, well, that doesn't sound like a fun way to live.

Being healthy is SO much more than just eating healthy. It sounds to me like Snooki is so consumed by eating healthy all of the time that she doesn't allow herself to actually live. What about the special occasions? What about the times when she just wants to have a cheeseburger? Are you telling me she just ignores ALL cravings because she wants to be "healthy"?

Plus, this whole workout thing sounds out of control! Going to the gym five days a week and making sure to go EXTRA hard the day after you have a few chips? I'm exhausted just thinking about living a life like that.

I firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle is one that doesn't limit your day-to-day. It's fine if you want to eat salads, vegetables, chicken, whatever. Heck, I love those things! But obsessing over eating them is NOT healthy. I think Snooki has come a long way and turned out to be an exceptional role model and a great mother. I just hope that all of this healthy nonsense doesn't go to her head.

Do you think Snooki is too strict with her diet?


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nonmember avatar Ashley

Healthy nonsense?! That is what is wrong with America is people thinking this healthy stuff is nonsense. It is proven that a good diet and lots of excercise can prevent all kinds of diseases and help you live a happier longer life. So no I do not think she is too strict, she wven says she has a cheat day. Ugh what is this article even about.

laure... laurenemb

Where does she say she isn't living/limits herself? Let's not start slamming people because they consistently choose to eat healthy and (GASP) may even enjoy it. She looks great and worked hard to get there. Let's commend her for sharing her post-baby weight loss struggles rather than slam her for eating healthy and exercising.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

pretty sure YOU are the one obsessing over her diet...not her! Dang, you can't win for losing! It's either too fat or too skinny. How about we say good job for being healthy and happy?


Yea you can't be healthy if you don't try. And in this day and age you have to work hard to eat healthy and be healthy. I don't see anything wrong with what she's doing

Lorraine LaVopa Sola

She looks wonderful and is on the right track to a healthy life!

nonmember avatar Emmie

Seriously! You're actually bashing her for being healthy? She's like 4'10" - she's supposed to look small! She and her husband and her best friends are all devoted to exercise and healthy eating. It's a lifestyle and when it's a lifestyle, it's not restricting and your idea of a "cheat" changes. Once you are used to eating healthy, a cheeseburger doesn't sound so appealing - not because of the calories, but because of how you feel after consuming it.

nonmember avatar Emmie

"Healthy nonsense".. really?! Hands down the worst blog I've read here thus far.

nonmember avatar Mary

People are going to talk about her no matter what if she is thin or to big. Live your life and be happy

Rachelle Miller

in my opinion she is doing a great job. She is taking care of herself in the best way and staying healthy and setting a good example for her son as he grows.
I say good for her and I need to jump on that bandwagon cause even though Im only 25 pounds over my healthy weight I need to get healthy and be a better example for my kids as well!!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Lmao. You're as green as the salad she eats (:

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