'Real Housewife's Strength After Disease Diagnosis Is Inspiring (VIDEO)

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Yolanda FosterI'll be honest -- Lyme disease scares the hell outta me. As someone who grew up in a home surrounded by woods, going to summer camp, it's always been something that was talked about in my household. And after listening to Real Housewife Yolanda Foster talk about her battle with the disease at last night's Time for Lyme Gala in Connecticut, I am blown away.

Diagnosed with Lyme disease back in January, the Real Housewife experienced a lot of the scary side effects from the disease: exhaustion, joint pain, insomnia, and neurological malfunctions. She said it felt like she had an infection in her brain. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be not to do simple things like process information, watch TV, or write -- trapped by an illness.

But she did it. And now, she's stronger for it. Watch Yolanda's speech, here:

Wow. A survivor's story is always so powerful, no matter what disease they have conquered. Yolanda's strength is truly admirable. To be able to come from a point of not being able to think straight, then stand up there poised with confidence inspiring those that can't do the same ... that's just amazing.

Has someone you know ever had Lyme disease?


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nonmember avatar Sandi Bohle

Very proud of Yolanda for stepping forward as our voice while so many around the World suffer with this insidious disease. It is so difficult to deal with & to live with. Having been in my own battle with late stage Lyme/Neurological Lyme, she gave a voice to what & how we feel each and every day!

Lisa Van Orden-Kaan

Yolanda Foster !! Thank you, I am a fellow Lymie! LOL, I understand your pain as I have suffered similiarly, I so sorry you had to go through that, but let your words ring!! We absolutely need to get some help, Lyme disease is manifesting co-infections that are getting out of hand, each spring 1 tic lays 3,000 eggs. Lyme disease is on the rise! God Bless you!

Bonnie Collins

my husband's 12 y.o. cousin died from Lyme Disease....

nonmember avatar Rico

My story is similar to Yolanda's, although I didn't need to go to Europe to get diagnosed. Actually, it can be very difficult to get diagnosed with Lyme there, too. I am so grateful Yolanda is speaking out for so many who are still too sick to speak for themselves. We desperately need to be recognized by the CDC, NIH, and IDSA, the three organizations that continue to perpetuate the inadequate testing and treatment guidelines that leave so many of us devastatingly ill.

Renee Tatum

Feel better soon...  You are truly awesome...

Nancy Hartwick

Try dealing with Cancer.......Just saying.

Maryanne Daly

Yes my husband and he actually suffered a mini strokes caused by the bacteria from the tick..he had it in work and does not remember to this day what happened. It was horrible!

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