Horrifying Dental 'Mix-Up' Leaves Autistic Man Totally Toothless

dentist horror story christopher cristWhat a young autistic man in Indianapolis just went through during a visit to his dentist sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of. Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Crist went in for a routine operation to extract three of his teeth ... and ended up getting all 32 pulled out. (Aghhhh, it pains me to even report that.)

Crist's family says the dentist gave Crist pills to numb the pain -- and before he knew it, they had removed all of Crist's teeth. "It [the pills] made me loopy and as they were doing that, they were shooting my gums with the numbing gel," Crist told local station WTVR. This poor young man. So, so horrifying.


Crist's parents said they were trying to get his patient file from the dentist and would be filing a complaint with the state of Indiana. In the meantime, the dentist at the Amazing Family Dental clinic -- which, from the outside, looks like a totally sketchy place -- has not been named and has so far not commented on the alleged incident. Let's hope the Crists get more than a complaint filed with the state. This poor guy deserves a hefty settlement and the best dental implants money can buy.

Because, OMG, going to the dentist is stressful enough without having to worry that we can't trust them to do exactly what we're there for! And losing any teeth -- even just three, like Crist was planning to have extracted -- can be physically and emotionally debilitating. Not only because you need them to eat obviously, but it's not like missing all your teeth is something you can physically HIDE. Sure, just like a wig for hair loss, you can come kinda close to the real thing. Crist could get some dentures (judging from their window signage, this "Amazing Family Dental clinic" seems to be big on those!) temporarily, but still, nothing beats real teeth. For chewing, smiling, living your life.

That said, my heart goes out to him and his family. It makes me ill to think this happened. Fingers crossed the action they take from  here on out prevents this clinic from claiming anyone else a victim of a devastating "mix-up" like this in the future.

What's your reaction to this horror story?


Image via WTVR.com

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