Running to Escape My Problems Is Only Making Them Worse

Running trailPeople cope with stress all sorts of different ways. My issue? Lately, I feel like I'm coping with it all the time. Instead of focusing on my issues (hello, sleeping problem), I've been running from them ... literally. Three, four, five miles -- sometimes twice a day. I know I know, but isn't that what they say? That working out helps you release stress?

I know, I'm that woman who is bitching about running too much. You're probably rolling your eyes at me. But we need to look at the bigger issue: I can't just run away every time I have a problem. My legs won't last that long. Soon I'll get knee problems. And god, it gets to be really really tiring.

It's hard, though. Here's why:


I feel like running is the only thing that helps me forget, if only for a while. When I run -- I feel like nothing else matters besides the music and my feet hitting the ground. I feel like, if only for the 45 minutes or so, I'm invincible to the outside world. Don't you have a hobby like that? One that completely zones you out?

I think what I need to come to terms with is dealing with it all instead of running away. I shouldn't HAVE to do the stress relieving activity that helps me forget, I should do the things that help me deal and the other things I enjoy. I love to cook -- making and nailing a new recipe is a total high. I like to blog, I love to dance, and if the weather would be beautiful every single day, I would spend my evenings exploring every nook and cranny this city has to offer. I need to de-stress by doing more things I enjoy, things I want to remember.

The issues we all deal with, a lot of them fade over time. For now, the best thing I can do is take a step back, breathe, and think twice before putting my sneakers on.

Do you have one thing you do every time you're stressed out?


Image via climbingcrystal/Flickr

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