12 Best Places to Live if You Have Bad Allergies

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allergiesI have been suffering with seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember. While I dreamed of spring during the cold winter months, it undoubtedly would mean both warmer weather and watery, itchy eyes. Unfortunately, my little boy has them too. That means we both have to pop antihistamines all season long so we can get through the day without rubbing our noses raw. But I was amazed to learn there are places where allergies are virtually non-existent. Places where the only stuffy noses occur during a bad cold. Places where the sight of a field of flowers doesn't simultaneously evoke a smile and a sneeze. If only I had known before settling down in NYC! Take a look at the best places to live if you have allergies.

  1. San Francisco: Being located on a bay and its moderate temps help keep the pollen count and other pesky allergens low.
  2. Albany, New York: While Manhattan may be full of pollutants and allergens that irritate your nose, the state's capital has great air quality.
  3. Telluride, Colorado: Since dust mites can't live above 2,500 feet, you won't find any here at 8,700 feet.
  4. Coronado Island, California: On this tiny island near San Diego, the ocean breeze pushes the pollen out of the sky.
  5. Miami: Being on Florida's breezy coast makes it the perfect place.
  6. Lake Tahoe, Nevada: The high elevation is the secret to making this spot a haven for allergy sufferers.
  7. Park City Utah: The Sundance Film Festival isn't the only draw. The brisk air keeps pollen under control and dust mites can't even live at high elevations.
  8. Seattle: This may not be the sunniest spot, but being sneeze-free more than makes up for it.
  9. San Diego: Cities on the water, especially those that aren't humid, are always a great option for people with allergies.
  10. Albuquerque, N.M.: The dry air and high elevation helps with dust and mold allergies.
  11. Portland, Maine: That fresh ocean air is virtually allergen free.
  12. Sunset Beach, Hawaii: As if you needed another reason to want to live on an always sunny island! This particular area is mostly white sandy beaches -- free of trees and grass.

What other places are good for allergy sufferers to live?


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nonmember avatar Guest

I'd like to know your sources for this article. I had an ENT tell me once that Albany is the allergy capital of NY. It's in a valley and near a river, so it's always damp, hence mold is a big issue. There's plenty of pollen (grass, flowers, pine trees, deciduous trees etc.) in the Spring and lots of dead leaves and ragweed in the Fall.

Albany actually scored WORSE than NYC from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. It ranks in the middle, not near the top. Air quality may be better, but pollutants and allergens are two different things. There's certainly less pollen in NYC.

Humberto Pastorizza

Miami? Mmmm no way!is really bad for allergies, because of the constant use of air conditioner

nonmember avatar VL

Albuquerque is great for mold allergies. It's very bad for tree and dust allergies, however. We have juniper/cedar in the winter and hardwood trees in the spring. Very dusty all year, with heavy winds in the spring makes dust allergies bad out here.

Jack Inthebox

I have to agree with VL, I grew up in Syracuse, NY and I never had any type of allergy or asthma problems, I moved to Albuquerque 14 years ago and no have severe Allergies and Asthma,...this is a horrible place if you have allergies not to mention it is extremely dry which does not help.

nonmember avatar Heidi

Are you for real? Every city you named was on American Allergists Top 100 list of WORST cities for allergies.

nonmember avatar Brandi

Seattle is not the best place to live if you're like me and have mold allergies. Every time it rains, it kicks my allergies in full gear. Itchy throat, nasal drip, congestion, watery/itchy eyes, runny nose, and asthma. And in Seattle it's known for it's rain. And, unfortunately, mold allergies is not a seasonal allergy. You feel jacked up year-around.

Erika J Williams

I had to move away from San Francisco. It's the worst place for allergies. It's damp and moldy. Ended up in Er ever year. I had to laugh whn I saw it was number 1 on your list. Seattle also. This list I a joke.

Rh Hansen

horrible article and research!

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