102-Year-Old Man Says His Secret to Staying Young Is All About Nightclubs

oldet manI can't envision myself at 100 years old. In a time when people wonder if our own water is making us ill, I think we all would be lucky to make it to 65. But a Washington, DC man has revealed the key to living 100-plus years. Problem is, it requires a sacrifice some of us may not be willing to make.


The secret to longevity? No partying, says 102-year-old Rayfield Griffin, who was honored during the capital's annual Centenarian Salute. He avoided the club scene his entire life and doesn't even listen to party music and that has helped him reach that very rare milestone. Well, I guess I am doomed then.

I started partying in high school. Nothing too wild, mind you, but we had a lot of fun. And what would college have been like without the occasional kegger? Or the infamous ladies' nights my roommates and I would get dressed up for. When I moved to New York City in my 20s, I loved the club scene. I went out as much as my salary would allow (over half of it went to rent!). Isn’t having fun also a critical part of a healthy existence? Who wants to live an unusually long life they don't really enjoy? Going out can be invigorating and give you something to look forward to. Not to mention the fact you get to bond with friends, which is a form of medicine all its own.

Now, I will admit, if you take the partying too far, you are can get into some serious trouble. We all know someone whose recreational drinking turned into a serious problem. And forget about drug use -- that has "race to the grave" written all over it. I am sure living a quiet, calm, never raucous or rowdy life has plenty of benefits, but it sounds really boring to me. I think there is a way to strike a balance between having fun and staying healthy. In fact, I bet that there are some former party-girls who have logged a century too.


Could you live a life with no partying if it meant living to 100?

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