5 Kick-Butt Workouts That Won't Make You Break a Sweat

barreOne of the oldest stereotypes out there about fitness is that you've gotta be sweating buckets in order to accomplish anything at the gym. It's the reason so many of us fall into the same trap over and over again of hopping on the elliptical and thinking we're going to see a miraculous change in our shape from doing just cardio. Sure, we need cardio, but getting truly fit is about more than that. But not necessarily in a heart-pumping, towel-soaking way!

By incorporating some sweat-free (or, okay, minimally sweaty) workouts into your routine, you can get even better results. Here, five routines you've gotta try that burn your muscles while keeping you relatively dry ...

  1. Ballet-style barre workouts - While I can attest that I do not walk out of the barre classes I've taken dripping sweat like I do when I do grueling, running, lifting circuits with my trainer, the one-hour workout -- which incorporates traditional ballet moves with touches of Pilates and yoga -- is incredibly intense and leaves your muscles "quaking," strong, and lean.
  2. Yoga - There are some who will scoff about yoga being good for weight loss, but you definitely burn calories in less intense classes -- like Hatha, Iyengar, or Kripalu -- while holding muscle-tightening poses like plank. Not to mention that getting your namaste on offers serious stress-relief, which lends itself to results on the scale.
  3. Pilates - There's a reason it's so popular, and Pilates poses have found their way into a slew of other types of workouts. Zeroing in on core stabilization does wonders for the whole body, plus, hello, washboard abs!
  4. Swimming - With summer on its way, jumping in the pool will be even easier for most of us. Lap swimming, water aerobics, or even water jogging are all super-fun forms of summery, sweat-free fitness.
  5. Short bursts of exercise - Squeezing in the research-recommended three minutes here, three minutes there won't be enough to work up a sweat, but could still have a slimming effect!

What sweat-free fitness routine are you doing or would you want to try?


Image via Nazareth College/Flickr

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