Rachel McAdams Smokes Pot to 'Cure' Insomnia & Gets a Lot More Than She Bargained For (VIDEO)


Hey, man, can't sleep? Psst. C'mere. I got something for ya. Good stuff. Naw, man, this'll make you snooze like a baby. So went the conversation between actress Rachel McAdams and her grocer -- well, I'm making that conversation up, but it must have been pretty close. Because Rachel, for whatever reason, went to her grocer for advice about what to do to cure her insomnia. Maybe she was looking for vitamins or a homeopathic remedy or something. But instead her grocer gave her, well, an herb. A green herb. One with a distinctive skunky bouquet. Call it pot, call it weed, call it marijuana. But don't call it a remedy for insomnia, because the last thing Rachel got when she puffed up this funky bammy was sleep.

Rachel told the story on Jimmy Kimmel's show, and it's pretty hilarious. Anyone who can't handle their pot will surely understand (raises hand). Let's face it, one man's soothing joint is another man's evening of paranoiac purgatory.

Rachel says she originally told her grocer that she didn't want to get high, she just wanted some shut eye. But the guy promised her it wouldn't get her high, it would get her some Zzzs.

However, Rachel horrifyingly recalls how she then spent the next five hours listening to a guy singing opera -- and she wasn't at the opera. "I was not thinking normal human thoughts," she says. "I was totally hallucinating. I was laying there just cursing him."

Medical cannibis is used for a wide array of issues -- everything from nausea to loss of appetite to pain and muscle spasms. And, yes, apparently also to cure insomnia. So I guess the guy wasn't completely off base.

But not everyone reacts to marijuana the same. And the singing opera guy failed to induce slumber in Rachel. So no more pot for Rachel -- at least not if she wants to get a good night's rest. Maybe next time she just needs to count jumping Ryan Goslings in her head.

Have you ever used pot to sleep?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Marijuana does not cause hallucinations. She probably got herb laced with angel dust or something. Also if this guy was grocer not an herbalist, there are different strains marijuana used for different medicinal purposed. For example Indica strains will mellow you out and Sativa strains will provide a more uplifting energizing feeling.

lalab... lalaboosh

First of all, cannabis is a TREATMENT for insomnia, not a cure. Second, it's likely that the conversation with the grocer did not sound like something out of Harold & Kumar, I have very intelligent conversations about the medicinal benefits of marijuana daily. If the word dude is used it is merely because I use it all the time anyway and have since before I even touched marijuana. These stereotypes are damaging to people like me who are reasonable, level headed, intelligent people trying to educate and inform the public that this is not a devil weed. I'm not saying those stoners don't exist I'm only saying that it isn't the only kind of person who use marijuana.

lalab... lalaboosh

Third, cannabis does not make you hallucinate. Lack of sleep sure does, though. Her grocer is probably just not as educated in different strains as many other people are. It sounds like he gave her a sativa when she needed an indica. A lot of people don't want indica because because it creates what is called 'couch lock' so when they get a good sativa which gives them energy they mistakenly assume that it's not getting them high because they're not lethargic and hungry. I doubt she got weed that was laced, weed dealers don't sell laced weed because people who smoke weed don't want to smoke laced weed and will notice. If it was laced that means the groceries a douchebag who likes to lace his weed and gave someone drugs that they did not consent to take. I I think it's very possible that she was over tired, got a very strong sativa, and the high along with her lack of sleep caused hallucinations. On behalf of all recreational stoners and medicinal users I'd like to apologize to Ms. McAdams for her experience. I hope that if she ever chooses to use marijuana again is a much more positive experience with a lot more information.

nonmember avatar Karl

How high are you, Kiri? Did you even watch the video you linked to?

Rachel says she took a teaspoon of a liquid that came in a bottle - clearly an extract. She didn't smoke anything.

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