Lisa Rinna Has the Bikini Body of a 34-Year-Old at 49: How Does She Do It?

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When it comes to stunner Hollywood bodies, some of the most spectacular are those belonging to women over a "certain age." Think of Jennifer Aniston or Demi Moore or Elle Macpherson. In fact, a lot of these women look better now than they did in their 20s. So let's go ahead and add Lisa Rinna to that age-defying and jealousy-inspiring mix. The Celebrity Apprentice star will be celebrating her 50th birthday in July, but this didn't stop Lisa from slipping into a leopard print string bikini and showing off her inconceivably buff bod on the beach during her recent Cancun vacation with her family. How the HELL does she do it?

For one, Lisa works out like a fiend. She's a longtime practitioner of yoga, and credits her six-pack to hour-long Kundalini yoga workouts four to five times a week. She also likes to juice fast, her favorite drink being kale, apple juice, green tea, ginger, and cinnamon.

Look, people, you don't get a body like that at 49 by sitting around on your derriere watching Kardashian marathons and eating Cheetos. Sorry.

Lisa, like most celebs, has a trainer as well -- hers is named Jeff Deperon and she has said she works out six days a week. But Lisa didn't start this grueling routine a few months ago. Besides being on Dancing With the Stars, she's written three books about diet and exercise ... and sex. Lisa's been married to Harry Hamlin for 16 years, but that doesn't mean their sex life is flagging. In her third book, The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book, she not only shares her eating and workout routines, but her "sexercises." Hey, I'm thinking I know where those abs come from now. Winkity wink.

Lisa once interviewed me, and I can say that she looks great up close too. Not one wrinkle on that face. (Despite her perma-tan, she's a sunscreen user.) And her lips look fine! They fit her face. Seriously!!

At any rate, I'm a big believer that a certain amount of your body is due to genetics. I don't care if I worked out every second of every day, including in my sleep, I would never have abs like Lisa's. God knows I've tried.

Well, whatever she's doing -- and the question is more, what isn't she doing? -- Lisa looks amaze! Judging by those bikini shots, she knows it too. Well, wouldn't you?

Do you think you could look like this at 50?

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Venae Venae

I used to think - sure, if I had the money to hire people to do all the housework/cooking for me so I had the time to devote to myself.  But then I remember that Oprah has that kind of money and she sure don't look like this.

Mommi... MommietoJB

@ Venae- lol good one

stara... starandseen

Wow, she does look incredible. She has the body of a Victoria's Secret model.

Genetics definitely plays a role. Liked the previous person said, Oprah has money to do the same thing, but she doesn'tq look like that. Same for Queen Latifah. Also same for Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez who can exercise and eat right till they're blue in the face but will never look as skinny as Renee Zelwegger has become or Gwyneth Paltrow or Nicole Kidman.

nonmember avatar truthisreality

Magic, almost! Look people, being in the fitness business my entire life, over 30 years starting from age 13 working out religiously. Exercise ,diet , genetics, it all helps. However, people like yourselves that do not have a trained eye like myself, I can spot growth hormone a mile away. These celebrities want you to think they do it by exercising and dieting and its BS. Its HGH, not to be mistaken with the ridiculous waste of money HCG diet. That is a complete fraud. Human growth hormone taken in very small doses subcutaneously everyday, or every other day will melt the fat off of you completely. It is very expensive running about $1500 minimum a month. Diet and exercise will not burn the fat underneath your chin, neck, and other areas that are super tight on 50 plus yr old bodies. They will never own up to it but that's what they are taking guaranteed. It takes about 3 to 4 months to start working and once it does start it is unbelievable how much it will burn, the fat will melt away effortlessly whether you exercise or diet. So the next time you see somebody on tv that is ripped and their body is defying gravity, now you know why. Julie Bowen, Lisa Renna, Madonna, Stallone, Marylou Henner, just to name a few, etc, etc. The neck and chin are dead giveaways. Trust me, I know exactly what I am talking about because I have taken it myself.

nonmember avatar truthisreality

Tim McGraw went from being in OK shape, but he had a gut and under his neck and chin were loose skin. Now look at him and his wife, no fat anywhere. I'm a fan of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, I think they are a great couple and family. I am only bringing them up because I'm looking at Faith Hill and Tim's chiseled jaw and neck line right now on tv. There are hundreds of celebs doing it.Don't be fooled by supplements that you can buy over the counter, that is a waste of money, you need a prescription from a doctor and it has to be injected subcutaneously for the rest of your life. The fat will come back. So ladies don't bother wasting your money on surgery or liposuction, or the hcg diet which is a joke, because you starve yourself and it slows your metabolism down. If you can afford it, get on human growth hormone. I will give you some popular name brands. Saizen, humatrope, jintropin, there are several others. There are many countries like China where you can order it right through the internet and it will be legitimate for only $4 an iu, but you have to live there to receive it , they will not ship it to the USA. $4 for an iu ,and women only need 1/4 iu per day, men 1/2 iu per day. That's a dollar and you to can burn fat like a celebrity. If you live in the United States and try to buy this over the Internet you will get ripped off ,it will be fake, most likely hcg instead of HGH. I speak from experience I've lost thousands over the Internet getting taken.

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