Trisha Yearwood's Dramatic Weight Loss Is Thanks to This Unexpected Diet Trick

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Trisha YearwoodGuys. GUYS! Have you seen Trisha Yearwood lately? Lady looks good. Like really good. Like curves for days man is Garth Brooks one lucky man good. The country music star recently stepped out in style to present an award at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas flaunting a slimmer, sexy figure. Yearwood dished to People that, indeed, she's lost some weight. In fact -- she's lost 20 pounds.

The singer divulged her biggest diet secrets to the magazine, saying that she tries her hardest to stick to a healthy eating plan. Her trick to keeping the weight off? Splurging.

Now THAT is my kinda lady.

While she's trying to consume very little sugar, she confesses to occasionally eating mac and cheese. To that I say heck yes! I mean, come on -- if you're going to live a lifestyle where you're constantly counting calories and planning your next meal, what's the fun in that? I am a firm believer that in order to lose weight in a healthy way, you have to give yourself that little extra calorie allowance every once in a while.

It's all about moderation. Yearwood puts it well, saying, "We all struggle between eating healthy and falling off the wagon." To find that balance, there has to be a happy medium. I'm not saying that you need to scarf down a bag of M&Ms every day to satisfy that chocolate craving. I am saying that you can't be too hard on yourself for having a few.

Do you allow yourself "cheats" on a diet?


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stara... starandseen

She does look great. I wonder what she's been doing all these years?? I mean besides exercising and eating right.

angel... angelsu88

I agree with Trisha! However, after eating a really nutritionally balanced diet, for years, and, continuing to gain, I pressured my doctor into a blood test for thyroid. It turned out I have an extremely slow thyroid. I j sd never been tested before, in I arrived my usual, slender self. I had a bad fall, injuries prevented exercise, plus, OR women are, generally, plumper than CA women, so the doctors, here, never mentioned my weight-I went from size 10 to a 16, over a 3yr period. So, ladies, if your weight is unusual for you, get you thyroid checked!

nonmember avatar J

Cheat days are a MUST! I am getting married in 3 weeks in Mexico and have been dieting down to my best bikini body ever (20lbs so far, 4-5 to go). I wouldn't have made it this far if I didn't let myself relax and have a cheat day. I just put in extra work at the gym or make sure I don't eat any simple carbs the next day or two and you would never know I had that bowl of ice cream. You just can't over-do it every day, all the work you do deserves a treat.

nonmember avatar Tammy steward

I definitely believe in moderation as well as splurging. When I started my journey, I lost 27 pounds by cutting my portions in half. I couldn't work out yet due to injury and in three months I lost weight just by eating less. Once I could work out, I did it five times a week with a trainer. I started eating a very healthy diet but Monday was Moe's Monday and I'd always have a homewrecker burrito. I lost 47 more pounds, 6 sizes and gained some great muscle tone. So I'm a firm believer in some indulgence every so often. I've since stopped the weekly splurge but I will do it occasionally. Trisha looks great!!!!!!

mamma... mammajigglypuff

angelsu88...I agree about getting your thyroid checked, but insist on a scan not blood work. The reason being most Drs. go by a scale and and even if you are 1 point from showing hypothyroidism, they will say you don;t have it. 

I started taking liquid Kelp for mine and it has helped so many other symptoms as well. Kelp is iodine, and  a lack of it is the major cause of hypo. 

Since I started taking it I've felt so much better and lost 20lbs since Aug.

It is also tastless, so I just put the recommended 4 drops on my water every morning. I also started using ground-mill flax seed, that does take getting used to, so don't start out with the recommened amt. use a little and add as you get used to it. I add it to my yogurt, salad dressing, protien shakes and on my almond butter sandwiches.

ericabb ericabb

Absolutely, and I lost 35 lbs.

ericabb ericabb

Through diet alone, I should add.

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