Trisha Yearwood's Dramatic Weight Loss Is Thanks to This Unexpected Diet Trick

Trisha YearwoodGuys. GUYS! Have you seen Trisha Yearwood lately? Lady looks good. Like really good. Like curves for days man is Garth Brooks one lucky man good. The country music star recently stepped out in style to present an award at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas flaunting a slimmer, sexy figure. Yearwood dished to People that, indeed, she's lost some weight. In fact -- she's lost 20 pounds.

The singer divulged her biggest diet secrets to the magazine, saying that she tries her hardest to stick to a healthy eating plan. Her trick to keeping the weight off? Splurging.

Now THAT is my kinda lady.


While she's trying to consume very little sugar, she confesses to occasionally eating mac and cheese. To that I say heck yes! I mean, come on -- if you're going to live a lifestyle where you're constantly counting calories and planning your next meal, what's the fun in that? I am a firm believer that in order to lose weight in a healthy way, you have to give yourself that little extra calorie allowance every once in a while.

It's all about moderation. Yearwood puts it well, saying, "We all struggle between eating healthy and falling off the wagon." To find that balance, there has to be a happy medium. I'm not saying that you need to scarf down a bag of M&Ms every day to satisfy that chocolate craving. I am saying that you can't be too hard on yourself for having a few.

Do you allow yourself "cheats" on a diet?


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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