Gift Guide: Eternal Dieter

food scaleYou know her. She's the mom who is always on a diet--for better or worse. She's careful about her calories and food choices, and she loves learning about health and nutrition. Here are gift selections for te Eternal Dieter.

Yesterday, I posted ideas for the Workout Do It Yourselfer. Here are some fun, healthy products for anyone who's ever been on a diet.


You on a DietThe Product: You on a Diet

The Cost: $16.50

Where to Buy: Amazon

Extras: This book was all the rage this year. It promises that In just two weeks the reader will be solidly on the road to success, and her waist will probably be two inches smaller. Supposedly, it helps us diet smarter instead of harder.

Why I Love It: I still really need help with my waist, and I'm guessing many moms feel like I do. Plus, I've been loving Dr. Oz's advice on Oprah this year. He's got many easy-to-incorporate, smart tips for diet, health and exercise.

Weight WatchersThe Product: Weight Watchers Magazine

The Cost: $14.95 for one year

Where to Buy: Amazon

Extras: Weight Watchers doesn't have a program where you can buy a gift membership for someone (Jenny Craig doesn't either). But this is the next best thing, and much cheaper. Learn about their popular points program, find recipes and get ideas for staying fit, healthy and on track with your diet.

Why I Love It: Nice recipes and advice, and I can carry it around town so I have something to do while I'm standing in Post Office lines.

kitchen food scaleThe Product: Salter Kitchen Scale

The Cost: $49.99

Where to Buy: Target

Extras: Always know how much chicken you're getting, and if that portion of beef stew is going to mess up your Weight Watchers points.

Why I Love It: I use mine constantly for recipes and to keep my portions in check. Bonus: It's super-easy to use.

omega juicerThe Product: Omega Juicer

Cost: $99.99

Where to Buy: Target

Extras: This is a great tool for getting in healthy fruits and veggies, a constant goal of an Eternal Dieter. If you need an idea for a group gift, this is a great one for chipping in.

Why I Love It: Apple juice + celery + carrots + ginger is a guilt-free, delicious and filling drink.

For more diet advice and product tips, the CafeMom group Diet & Fitness Buddies is supportive and just plain awesome.

This wraps up the Healthy Living Guift Guide, but check in for stocking stuffers.

What diets have you tried? (Or, if you're like me, which ones haven't you tried?)

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