‘Bad’ Foods That Are Really Good for You

eggsPoor egg yolks. They get a bad rap. They're loaded with cholesterol and they're fatty and they'll make you a fatty and then you'll die. Except they're actually the most nutritious part of an egg and eating them will not raise your cholesterol levels (science says so!) so why all the egg yolk angst? That's the best part of the egg, and people all over America are depriving themselves out of this misguided notion that they're deadly. It just makes me sad!

Egg yolks aren't the only foods that get unfairly judged as unhealthy.


Whole milk. Sure, it's more calorie dense. But especially if you're drinking milk from pastured cows not treated with synthetic hormones and antibiotics, whole milk is GREAT for you. You need that fat for your body to absorb all that other great stuff in milk, the Vitamin D and the Calcium.

Bread. Okay, some people have celiac, and many others are gluten sensitive. That's definitely a THING. But for the rest of us, if you're eating bread in moderation, and it's whole-grain bread, that's actually some pretty good stuff. You're getting your fiber. Man does not live by bread alone (haha) but we don't usually die from eating it, either.

Animal fat. Now I'm really getting radical. But I think this is another one of those foods that can actually be good for you if you eat it in moderation. Especially if you're eating pasture-raised animals, that stuff is loaded with CLAs and doesn't seem to raise your cholesterol levels after all. Don't cook EVERYTHING in bacon grease. But every so often it's not so awful.

What other foods have you always avoided because you thought they were unhealthy?


Image via By A Princess/Flickr

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