'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's Fitness Risk Will Totally Pay Off

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chelsea houskaDespite the occasional misstep (cough hooking up with her baby daddy Adam Lind), Teen Mom Chelsea Houska is getting her act together. We've watched her head to beauty school and go back on birth control. Now, Aubree's mama has plans to work on her fitness ... Last week, Chelsea tweeted, "Has anyone tried a pole dancing workout class?!?! I just saw that there's one in Sioux Falls and I WANNA TRY IT."

Ha, awesome! It's not like pole dancing as a workout is exactly new ... Carmen Electra released a whole set of DVDs a while back, and actress Sheila Kelley runs S Factor pole dancing workout classes in many major U.S. cities. But Chels should definitely check it out. Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, but I feel like it's the kind of workout that could push her beyond her comfort zone and lead to noteworthy results.

In my journey to getting fit for my wedding, I've found that it's when you push yourself to do something you're intimidated by that you get the most "bang for your buck" in your workouts.

For example, 10 extra minutes on the elliptical, just to see if you can. Or you take a spinning class or do a really tough Jillian Michaels' workout DVD. You try that crazy workout Bethenny Frankel does in high heels (though I would never try that, eesh!) or head with a friend to a barre or Broadway dance class. When you do, you feel so empowered. Because even if you struggle a bit at first, at least you did it. You challenged yourself. And you know you're capable of doing it again. Which, in turn, helps you continue to push harder, longer, faster, etc. Talk about a sweet cycle effect.

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That said, I really hope someone volunteers to join Chelsea for that class she wants to try. Or she gets up the nerve to go on her own. The boost she gets from the workout really could end up doing her more favors than she realizes!

Is there a workout you pushed yourself to try and found yourself surprised by the physical and emotional results? Would you ever try pole dancing classes?


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Tripl... TripleDee30

Oh please.  She probably just wants to practice some pole-dancing skills to try & win back Adumb!

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I used to take a poll dancing class it was awesome! Very empowering!

nonmember avatar Crystal

I think it would boost her confidence alot! Good luck Chelsea!

keriley1 keriley1

I would LOVE to try those classes, it looks HARD. But at this point in time I am no where NEAR ready to even attempt! lol

Sarah Todrick

It is so, so, SO much fun! And keriley1, any studio worth its salt has very beginning level classes. I know women who were super overweight when they started (uh, me, for example lol) and it completely changes your self perception. You gain so much core and upper body strength. It is definitely hard, but so much fun! it's like playing on the jungle gym, plus getting in touch with yoru sexy side.

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