5 Must-Do Workouts Now That Spring Has Sprung

outdoor yogaI can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that it's finally getting warm here in the northeast. Seriously, the fact that it's going to be borderline 60 degrees both days this weekend feels like a Christmas miracle. Warmer weather means a whole bunch of things: time to trade in that dingy black pea coat for a brighter, lighter trench coat, time to swap out chunky soups and stews for seasonal salads, and best of all -- time to take the workout back outside.

I LOVE working out outside. Seriously, the gym just feels like a major germ breeding ground every time I walk in there, and the smell? Ugh. Sweatastic. Sweating it out in the sun just puts me in a better mood and, bonus -- sometimes even gives me a bit of a tan.

It's been a while, though, I understand. Excited for the nicer weather and want to join me in taking the fit routine outside? Let's talk about 5 easy ways to take your workout outdoors.


1. Go for a run: Probably the most obvious outdoor workout, running outside is SO much more entertaining than hitting up the treadmill. Sure, without a running watch (my go-to is the Nike Sportband), it's hard to judge your pace and mileage, but there's no arguing that the entire experience is SO much more entertaining. Whether your go-to running path is a dirt trail in a local valley or city streets -- there's plenty to look at during your stride.

2. Circuit training: You can do circuit training anywhere, with or without gym equipment. Head to a local park with a circuit in mind. If you need different level surfaces for step-ups or tricep dips, a park bench will do just fine.

3. Yoga: Outdoor yoga can be VERY peaceful. In my mind, it's taking one of the most relaxing workouts there is and making it even better. Plus, the sounds of nature can be a whole lot more relaxing than your yoga studio's go-to John Mayer mix tape.

4. Walking: Don't downplay the cardio benefits of walking, this is a no-brainer. On a beautiful day, opt to walk to your favorite spot in town instead of drive, head to your local outlet mall, or even just take a spin around the block. Instead of spending 45 minutes in front of the TV, spend it getting your heart rate up.

5. Group fitness: Check Craigslist or your local newspaper for group fitness opportunities outside. Whether it's a boot camp style workout or a running group, the nicer weather is the perfect excuse to try something new.

Do you like working out outdoors? What do you usually do?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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