18 Moments That Call For a Good Cry

box of tissuesI confess: I have a bit of a reputation ... for being a crybaby. Not in the bratty, temper tantrum, hissyfit way. But in the absolutely no trouble falling into a full-on stressed, upset, sentimental, or even happy tearfest way. All manner of things can set me on a waterworks streak -- from an overloaded schedule to noticing a cute toddler playing with her mommy. Yup, I'm that "overemotional" woman all the misogynistic greeting cards make fun of. My fiance's euphemism for it is "sensitive," which I take more kindly to but still find a bit of a jab sometimes.

Maybe I'm just more in touch with my emotions and realize it's perfectly okay and actually therapeutic (cleansing!) to cry it out. Many times! Not just at "prescribed" crying times like weddings, funerals, during Sarah McLachlan save the puppies commercials ... Here, 18 less obvious reasons you should feel free to cry, because you'll be all the much better for it ...

  1. You're overwhelmed by your to-do list.
  2. You're retroactively grieving about emotional issues from the past.
  3. A loved one really ticks you off by doing something irritating/selfish/uncaring.
  4. You don't feel like yourself.
  5. You can't seem to pull yourself together -- find the right outfit, get your hair to do what you want -- and every attempt to do so seems to be a total fail.
  6. You feel like you're living in a comedy of errors -- car breaks down over and over, you're late for work because your alarm didn't go off, kid keeps getting the flu, etc.
  7. You're suffering from a crappy body image.
  8. You're sad you're not closer (physically or emotionally) to a relative or friend.
  9. A wonderful marriage proposal -- your own or someone else's.
  10. You're proud of a loved one for their accomplishments and/or efforts.
  11. You're proud of yourself for your strength, resolve, determination to get through a challenging situation.
  12. An over-hyped situation falls desperately short of your expectations.
  13. Extreme gratitude.
  14. Witnessing/being involved in charity.
  15. Witnessing/being involved in a random act of kindness that makes someone's day/month/year.
  16. You're in love.
  17. You feel deeply loved.
  18. You've got pent-up emotions, and you just need release!

What are some reasons you cry? Do you find it therapeutic?


Image via Chris Costes/Flickr

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