Rob Kardashian Accused of Freaking Out on Paparazzi Because They Caught Him Shirtless


Rob KardashianToday my heart goes out to Rob Kardashian. As if it isn't hard enough losing weight in the public eye, it's gotta suck having your photo taken and then plastered everywhere. The latest Rob weight loss drama? Rob's been accused of stealing photography equipment from a paparazzo after he caught him with his shirt off. Allegedly Rob didn't want the pap to plaster shirtless photos of him everywhere considering his "larger" appearance.

Yes, stealing is wrong. But hell, I'd wanna do the same thing if I were him. TELL me you can relate. You're not feeling confident about your body, someone you're with snaps your photo, and within .03 seconds, you're thinking about WHERE they are going to post it and how unenthusiastic you are about the whole thing.

Life. It sucks sometimes.

I can't even begin to tell you about how many girlfriends of mine were hesitant to go on spring break back in college because they were horrified of the photos we would take. They were nervous that their bodies would be put on the Internet for friends of friends to judge, and that made them uncomfortable. And while, yes, I sympathize with that feeling, hiding won't make things better. Sometimes hiding is us wanting to ignore a bigger issue, one that needs confronting.

Life's about having fun and making the most of what you have, not hiding in the shadows. Rob Kardashian may be able to steal a photo memory card now (that's what they're saying, anyway), but that won't always be the case. All Rob can continue to do is what he is doing -- working toward bettering himself and losing weight. When the day comes where he gets caught with his shirt off and he's proud of it, you KNOW he won't be trying to steal anyone's equipment.

Can you relate? Do you think Rob was wrong?


Image via Splash News

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Coles... Coles_mom

I personally don't think anyone- paparazzi or friend - should be allowed to take pictures of you without your permission. I've become a near-recluse because I've gained so much weight and can't lose it since my last baby. I NEVER go out with friends anymore based solely on a few girls in the group that insist on taking those stupid group margarita pictures and putting the on Facebook- even when you've specifically told then not to. At family functions, I have to hide in hallways practically to keep out of others' background shots. I abhor seeing myself on camera.

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