Kendall Jenner Called 'Too Skinny' & Anorexic Because She Doesn't Have the Kardashian Curves

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Kendall jenner Kendall Jenner, the 17-year-old half-sister of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, says she's tired of being bullied for looking "anorexic." In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Kendall says she's frequently taunted for being too skinny -- and it hurts.

Of course it does. Honestly, whether people are teasing you for being too fat or too skinny, they are insulting your appearance and your body -- both of which you have absolutely no control over to a large extent. It’s personal.

I don’t know why people are bashing her for her weight. She may be a Kardashian, but she's a tall, svelte teenage girl. She's also a model. It's part of her job requirement to stay lean for the runway. She doesn't look emaciated to me (and as someone who has suffered from bulimarexia, I have some experience with all this).

Obviously, people are comparing her to her much curvier, older sisters -- one of whom has had two children, another of whom is pregnant, and all of whom have a different father than Kendall, sister Kylie, and brother Brody. But in Hollywood, she's the norm. And of course, if you put any 17-year-old next to a grown woman, especially one who's had children or is pregnant, of course she's going to look noticeably thinner.

Bottom line is, people need to back off. Doesn't this kid have enough to do just trying to bob and weave out of the shadows of her mom Kris Jenner and her older sisters? She is beautiful and statuesque and young. I’m a little jealous, myself. Which, if I had to guess, is the entire catalyst for people calling her these names. It’s not her fault that she was born gorgeous and into a rich and famous family. Calling Kendall Jenner anorexic and criticizing her for being too skinny is no better than making fun of Melissa McCarthy for being overweight. They are all rude, judgmental comments that hurt women and perpetuate society’s objectification of them. It’s infantile and cruel. Can’t we all just stop judging one another on the size of our pants?

Do you think calling someone too skinny is less hurtful than calling someone too fat?

Image via Harper's Bazaar

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chech... chechimansmama

She is not a kardashian she is a Jenner. The Kardashians get their curves from their Armenian side, which is from their father's side. So of course she Is not going to have all those curves. she's a beautiful young lady and people need to stop bashing her for her appearance.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Yes, to a certain extent I do believe it is hurtful. I think it's rude when people say skinny women aren't 'real women'. All women come in different shapes and sizes, we have to accept everyone from the skinniest to the most obese. However, I think a lot of these celebrities are over exaggerating how 'naturally' thin they are so I cannot feel bad for them. A lot of them go to extremes to stay that skinny and do it in a very unhealthy way. Most women aren't that skinny naturally so I think its hard for people to believe that they aren't doing it on purpose as most are

nonmember avatar kayla

kendall and kylie are also very tall compared to their sisters, as they're 5'9 and 5'10, and the Kardashian women are all right around 5'. they aren't kardashians!

L.I.M... L.I.MOMMY1980

that's horrible they need to leave her alone she's tall slim and beautiful ...shes has her dads genes

Jah Jackson

I am so sick of people basking others about their weight. Whether they be curvy, slim, thick, or thin.....It really is no one's business, unless they are bulimic or anorexic, in which case they would need help from everyone around them. But that is not the case here. Kendall & Kylie are JENNERS not KARDASHIANS!!! It is in their blood to be slim, not TOO SKINNY. Some people in the media & most regular people have it twisted. It is not how thin or fat someone is or what clothes they have on their bodies, I truly thought that is is THE CONTENT OF A PERSON'S CHARACTER that makes them who they are. To any of you that believe it is okay to rip on someone because of how skinny or fat they are......GO SUCK A FAT ONE & SUCK IT HARD!!!!!!!!


Jah Jackson

Sorry, I meant to say BASHING, not BASKING

Todd Vrancic

Look and see what her father's build is because she probably takes after him.

mandy... mandysue88

Skinny wemon are real wemon too

mandy... mandysue88

Sometimes being skinny is a bitch, find clothes for a size 0 that arnt really a size 3. Impossible.

Bianca Long

i know how it feels. Im 6ft and before i had kids i was a size 0. i ate whatever i wanted and didnt exercise at all. i went up to a size 16 after both of my kids and now, 2 1/2 years after my 2nd pregnancy, im down to a size 6. When I was at my heaviest, my family put me down for being fat. when i was super skinny, i was constantly insulted (mostly by other women) for not being a real woman, having no ass/boobs, etc. Now that my pants size is going down again, Im starting to get those comments again. you just cant win. People are assholes.

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