See-Through Yoga Pants Expose Some Women's Naughty Secret

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lululemon workoutWhen the Lululemon see-through yoga pants "scandal" broke, the general reaction was amusement. I sent the story to my trainer, who is a Lululemon loyalist, and even she joked that she's probably "displayed her behind" at the gym more often than she'd like to know. But in the midst of all the bare butt chatter, some other strange realities have been uncovered. Like how New York magazine's Charlotte Cowes noted, "There is the thong issue. ... The problem with sheer yoga pants isn't so much that your butt cheeks are visible, but that your thong is." Uh, whaaa?!

Fretting that a thong is showing doesn't seem like the problem at all ... Can we please talk about why on earth someone would think it was a wise idea to wear thong underwear to exercise in the first place?!

As Slate's Amanda Marcotte put it, "What kind of sexualized hell are these poor women living in that they can't even give up porn-compliant underwear in order to keep their bodies lean and toned for future thong-wearing situations?" Ha! For real! But no, come on, thong-wearing workout queens, WHAT are you thinking? Oh, yes, you're worried about pantylines, right? Agh.

Also, I know some people argue that thongs are actually extremely comfortable and even more comfortable than the alternatives (which all seem to fall under the category of "granny panties" to a thong lover). But I beg to differ. Having a sliver of material snuggled up between your butt cheeks at anytime is uncomfortable. Let alone whether you're trying to get your yoga, cardio, spin, or lifting, etc., on! Seriously! Call me a granny panty lover all you want, but I'd rather be focused on my reps and breathing versus when I'll get the chance to discreetly correct a wedgie.

There's a time and place for sexy undies (like no more than 5 to 10 minutes before having sex!), and workout time at the gym is neither of those. Then again, if it's really not a neurotic matter of "OMG! People are gonna see my pantylines while I'm on the elliptical!" and you're really the most comfortable sweating it out in a thong, more power to you. But the next time your thong lines show through your sheer yoga pants, don't say we didn't warn you!

Do you understand the impulse to wear a thong to work out at all?! What kind of underwear do you think is most comfortable to work out in?


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nonmember avatar Emmie

It's a lie!!!! Thongs are never that comfortable. Get over yourself and your panty lines....tell yourself, "anyone who can see my panty line loves it" HAHA works for me :P

nonmember avatar 25Reps

I don't get how anyone could even WEAR underwear with yoga pants! I own several pairs and wash them on sanitize cycles like underpants, for cleanliness' sake, but actual underwear only bunches up and gets in the way. There is NO polite way to dig your bunched up panties out of your ass-crack at the gym. Best solution? Just skip the damn things!

nonmember avatar Monica

This article is stupid. I wear thongs cause they are comfortable. I don't find my underwear having anything to do with cause porn stars wear them. I could care less about pantylines. full underwear are so uncomfortable anytime.

MyToe MyToe

You are assuming that women only wear yoga pants to exercise.

jkm89 jkm89

G-strings. Feels like there's nothing there, well, I guess there almost isn't lol.

bella... bellacazzate

Isn't there a rather strong correlation between UTIs and thongs? I could Google, but meh. 

nonmember avatar carly

i've had a couple friends point out my panty lines, and my response is always "why are you looking at my butt?"

nonmember avatar Sarah

I totally agree with 25 reps--go commando!

nonmember avatar anon

I feel the exact opposite! I absolutely cannot stand wearing regularly brief or bikini style undies to the gym! They get bunched up, and feel way too bulky. Cotton thongs are soft, stretchy, and very comfortable. Plus, from the way you describe your thong experience, it sounds like yours are a size too small. And no that's not a sassy "panties in a bunch" comment. Seriously though, a thong is only comfortable if it's the right size. If it's digging into your hips or your...errr....else where, it's too small!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

umm...I ONLY wear thongs...I NEVER get UTI's...I do wear them because I think pantylines are trashy AND because full-butt underwear are uncomfortable. I'm sorry, but with your typical cotton VS thong you can't even feel it! Full-butt underwear bunch up, and are hella uncomfortable. How about you mind your underclothes and I'll mind mine, k?

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