Amazing Couple Reveal Secret to Losing 500 Pounds in Two Years

two pairs of sneakersThere's a reason The Biggest Loser has entire seasons devoted to couples. And there's a reason two married smokers can do wonders to help one another's efforts to quit. Any attempt to "lose" a bad habit is doubled in power when you're one half of a pair. Angela and Willie Gillis know that very well. Best friends for 10 years and married for three, the Gillises managed to lose a collective 500 pounds over the course of two years! And while they totally deserve individual credit for making it happen, striving to reach their goals as a team allowed them to achieve even more overall.

On her blog,, Angela explains the secret to their success ... 


Everyone needs that one person to help them through, to talk to and someone who will hold them accountable. That person has been my husband.

So true and so sweet! But let's rewind to the beginning to get the whole picture ...

It was a few days before their first wedding anniversary when Willie told her, "I'm tired of being big." He had just gotten back from visiting his newborn goddaughter and was scared he might not live long enough to see her grow up. Ugh.

So, the two started hitting the gym six days a week and Angela began making healthier versions of their favorite meals. They started eating steel cut oats and fruit or veggie omelets for breakfast, frozen meals for lunch,  low-calorie snacks like yogurt, carrots and apples, and lean meats and vegetables for dinner. Willie tracked his calories on his iPhone, Angela would ask herself if she was eating something because she loved it or because she just loved eating. All incredibly practical, super-smart habit tweaks that add up to life-long weight maintenance and wellness!

And that's obviously where it's taken the Gillises. Now, Angela teaches spin classes and recently completed a half marathon. She's lost 200 pounds -- going from a size 28 to a size 0. Wowww. Willie lost 300 and joined a local running club. He tells CNN:

A lot of people give up -- they end up quitting because they're not doing something right. You have to take what you messed up on and try to make it work for you. Once you learn it, it doesn't take much to keep it going.

Cheers to that. And to proof that leaning on your partner can motivate, inspire, and help you become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself!

How inspiring are they?! How does your partner support your health efforts?

Image via davidd/Flickr

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