Jennifer Lawrence Eats Fried Food Without Gaining Weight: Here’s How

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French friesIs it just me, or is the world totally in love with everything Jennifer Lawrence does lately? She stars in Hunger Games, it blows up. She trips up the stairs at the Oscars -- BAM, it's everywhere. Well I'm crushin' on J. Lawr for an entirely different reason today: her eating habits.

The actress recently confessed that she's absolutely in love with eating anything fried and with carbs. "Probably my favorite food is a potato," she gushed. "Just a potato, because I like fries, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes."

But really, when was the last time that you heard an A-lister fess up to that, eh? Sure, big stars talk about their cheat foods all the time, but to have Jennifer straight up say she eats carbs and fried things and loves it? Man, Jennifer is a woman after my own heart.

Now the big question: how does she eat all these high-cal goodies and stay looking so fabulous? I think I know the answer.

Hello moderation. Sure, working out with a super cool celebrity trainer, that probably helps too. But there's no way that Jennifer Lawrence can eat all of these things 24 hours a day every day and keep that dynamite figure (and her awesome booty!). No way in hell.

And you know what? That's fine. It's OK to eat carbs! It's OK to eat French fries! Heck, if ice cream is your poison, get after it. It's just critical to learn when to say "that's enough," and when to take a step back. Once you've learned that, then ladies -- you are in business.

Do you know how to say "enough's enough"? What foods do you crave?


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starl... starlight1968

it also doesn't hurt that she's constantly busy and in doing hunger games sequels she probably works one serving off in minutes lol...  I love her too, she's not letting Hollywood dictate her life...yea Jennifer...I hope she stays this way...

nonmember avatar Pint

These are old quotes, and she didn't actually say all of that just the potatoe thing. The media as always is rehashing old interviews and passing them off as new. The woman hasn't done any interviews since finishing the promotion of Silver Linings, and won't do any interviews until its time to promote Catching Fire, Serena, and the Abscam movie.

Melan... MelanieJK

Moderation?    lol      One medium fry and you've screwed up your ability to stick to the food pyramid (and stay within your calorie range) for the day.     

I bet she yo-yo eats/diets.    I.E.   overeats one day or several days,  starves the next.     Or overeats potatoes and skips proteins altogether etc.

CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

If I eat 3 fries, I will gain 1 pound and keep it for a few days at least. And thats if I am able to stand up to the crazy carb-cravings that will undoubtedly ensue! No thank you, not worth it.

I'm allergic to carbs - they make my butt swell 😄

nonmember avatar juliegirl22

I'm allergic to fatty carby food- I break out in fat.

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