Chelsea Handler's 'Toxic' Lifestyle Makes Her Workouts Totally Pointless (VIDEO)


chelsea handlerHaa, oh, Chelsea Handler. She loves to poke fun at her penchant for booze and partying. So much so that she let Kate Beckinsale call her out on her less than fit body and "toxic lifestyle" on a recent, semi-scripted scene from After Lately. The two were taking a private yoga session when Kate unloaded on Chelsea, saying, "I've been sort of looking at your body a bit, and I feel like ... it's not great, Chelsea."

To which Chelsea responded, "Well, okay, I get it. You have a great body. But you don't need to stick my face in it. I see it! I mean, if I start doing this on a regular [basis], when does it kick in, the yoga?" And that's when Kate spelled it out for her -- it's not just about doing yoga. It's about what Chelsea eats and what she does that aren't doing her fitness any favors.

Check out the half-jokey clip ...

OMG. Too funny. Although this was clearly a big joke, I can't help but find myself on Team Kate. Not when it comes to the gag about eating "absolutely no food at all, let alone drugs and different types of penis every day." Ha. But she makes an actual, important point about how just doing yoga isn't gonna cut it -- for Chelsea or anyone!

All too often, people work out thinking they can keep up their junk food-eating, beer-guzzling, cigarette-smoking habits and still somehow come out of the gym with a rockin' bod. I really don't get it. What in the world is that all about? Why even bother exercising if you're just going to treat your body like a garbage dump at meal times or on smoke breaks? It's so counterintuitive, it's nuts!

I'm not saying you have to go to extremes and cut out all gluten/dairy/carbs/fat, etc. when attempting to get in shape. But undermining fitness efforts with blatantly toxic behaviors? Really, I just can't see the humor or logic in that at all.

Do you agree working out goes hand in hand with leading a less toxic lifestyle?

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fave82 fave82

I think everyone's body is different. With the exception of smoking, which is obviously bad for everyone, some people are able to eat whatever they want and a little working out keeps their body the way they want. Other people gain 2 lbs from 1 hamburger and fries.

2cent... 2centsCDN

Wait, so you're saying that if you're going to work out you need to cut all the bad stuff out? I work out so I can have the bad stuff.

Everything in moderation and like fave82 said, everyone is different. I have a friend that can eat whatever she wants, has had 2 children and can buy her clothes in the children's section. She's never worked out.

I think Chelsea looks pretty good for someone who claims to not work out.

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