Celebrity Can’t Stay on Diet Because Her ‘Cheat Food’ Is French Fries: What’s Yours?

french friesCheat foods are to diets like peanut butter is to jelly: necessary. Of course, they can be a serious annoyance and STUPIDLY hard to avoid because of their allure, but hey, that's what will power is for right? Everyone has a cheat food! Heck, even after losing 40 pounds, Paula Deen does.

Paparazzi recently caught up with the butter queen at LAX airport to ask her what her biggest cheat food is, and her response? French fries. God bless you Paula and your cheat food because, shit, I think I was straight up addicted to French fries from ages 8 to 21. In fact, I still look at 'em with a wary eye.

It's like they're mocking me. Oh, you're doing great on your diet? Well shoot -- I'm gonna come when you least expect it at around 2:32 a.m. on your friend's plate at your local dingy diner, and BAM, you're mine, you sleepy-eyed beeyotch.

Well at least that's how the interaction goes in my head.


But really though, how many times do you see that one thing you just ADORE and can't help but taking a little eensy taste? Especially on the weekend after being so diligent during the week, when the opportunity arises to stray away from the golden path, it's difficult. If French fries aren't your poison, maybe it's ice cream. Maybe it's hot dogs, or chocolate, or one-too-many beers. It's OK, really. It's human.

The trick here? To breathe easy and keep things in perspective. Eating 10 French fries isn't going to put all of the weight you lost back on. Eating 10 French fries then caving into a bunch of other foods, well, that will. If you're going to cheat (and believe me -- it's OK!), then try your best to do it in moderation. That's all you can do. And if you mess up? Well, you can always get back on the horse tomorrow.

What's your cheat food? Can you go near it, or do you have to stay as far away as possible?

Image via Stevendepolo/Flickr

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