Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Deserve Scott Disick's Bullying About Her Weight

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Kourtney Kardashian

I don't know about you guys, but I would kill to have a body like Kourtney Kardashian. Even after having two kids, she looks stellar. What I wouldn't kill for? A partner like Scott Disick. Yeah, Lord Disick can be a bundle of laughs -- but after what he said about how Kourtney should be 93 pounds he's irked me.

When the comment came out on an episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kourt's attitude about the whole thing was a lot better than mine would have been. She told cameras that his opinion didn't bother her, that she knows what's good for her, and being that small isn't it.

Well it turns out that Kourtney isn't handling the criticism so well anymore. A source tells Perez Hilton that Kourtney is miserable, Scott allegedly ridicules and makes fun of her and just wants her to be a skinny minnie with big boobs.

Geez. How Kourtney can stay with a man that isn't supportive of her being healthy, that's beyond me.

When you are at a certain weight where you feel comfortable, it's a great feeling. You feel positive about your body, your clothes fit better, all that jazz. So when someone comes in and tells you that something you're OK with isn't OK, it feels unfair and makes you question your feelings.

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For Kourtney, she's probably conflicted feeling like she's not good enough for the man she's in love with. There's no way that being around him (if he's really saying all of these things about her weight) is good for her mental health, nevertheless her body. The last thing this busy mom needs is to feel like she's not good enough.

No one, Kourtney included, should lose weight or take on new fitness challenges because OTHER people think you should be different than you are. Sure, you can find motivation in their less-than-awesome statements. However, if you change who you are because of someone else and it's not making you happy -- then it's not worth it.

Do you think Kourtney's relationship with Scott is healthy?


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Woofi... WoofieMom

I can't say I would still be in love with a man after treating me this way...

And staying with him through this is teaching him that it's ok to do that. Not putting up with his dumb ass and leaving would not only set a better eample for her kids, but it might make him take a lesson on how to treat women. When kids see Dad shitting on Mom while Mom just takes it, that can cause some issues.

jhslove jhslove

No, but that's what happens when you have a kid with someone who's a total loser and a douchebag. You feel like you have to stay with him "for the kids", except that it's going to do just as much damage to the kids to grow up with a dad who mistreats their mother. Her son is going to grow up thinking that it's appropriate to bully women about their weight, and her daughter is going to grow up thinking that BEING bullied by her boyfriends is acceptable.

Personally, I would have dumped his ass on the curb a long time ago, but she appears to have some serious desperation issues.

nonmember avatar jen

i can't help noticing this kardashian-obsessed site has nothing to say about kourtney, kim and khloe's "vagina smelling contest"...

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Kourtney is just as bad... She and her boyfriend/baby daddy sleep in separate beds, but she wants for them to be like a family. She won't marry him and according to Scott, they have sex once a year. They have been breaking up and getting back together for years. If anything sour happens to their relationship, she should take 90% of the blame. 

bills... billsfan1104

Jen, they did say something about it.

Scott is a mental abuser. I just got out of a relationship with someone who mentally abused me.

bills... billsfan1104

She needs too or she will be broken down like I was

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't watch these shows or know these people, but I do know that no one should be bullied and belittled. I don't care for the Kartrashian family, but Kourtney is NOT ugly or fat. That guy is a loser. This girl is so ridiculous. She could have chosen a nice guy who would treat her like a prize, but she chose this layabout jackass, who is more effeminate than my little "princess" cousins.

And good for you, Bills. Remember to take care of yourself and heal before you allow another man in. We do too much and love too much as wives and mothers to be treated like crap.

nonmember avatar Rose

First of all, I wouldn't give much credit to a Perez Hilton "source." Second, if you watched the entire episode you would have seen that Scott's remarks were miscontrued. He told her that he was just wondering why she wasn't as motivated to lose the baby weight as fast as she did after giving birth to Mason. He recalled how unhappy she was at that time not having the body she had before and pushed herself to extremes to lose the weight. He didn't want to see her do that again, so everything just came out the wrong way. By the end of the episode, everyone was happy and apologies were made. And I just saw them in a magazine looking wonderfully happy on a family vacation, hot bodies and all.

mommy... mommyinthe303

She chooses to stay with him and let her children see that is acceptable behavior

nonmember avatar patty

She needs to tell him to get lost!!!! Can't stand him!!!! Looser..........

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