The Obsession With Losing Weight for Summer Is Driving Me Insane

Tank top summerIt's that time of year again. The warm temperatures are sneaking back in and spring has finally sprung. With that very welcomed season change comes a whole bunch of other changes. Our diets change to include more fruits and veggies because, heck, they taste better this time of year. We become more active because, SHOCKER, it's actually enjoyable to be outside again. And with all these changes come changes in ... us.

Tell me, how many of your girlfriends have looked at you and said that it's time to lose that winter weight? TELL me I'm not alone when I say that my Instagram feed is filled with images of juice cleanses, running views, and rants about how crowded the gym is suddenly?

The harsh truth: It's that time of year where people start to care about what they look like again. And to be honest with you, it frustrates me every damn time.


I'm a hypocrite, I know it. I went through a phase this winter where I was eating a lot of whatever I wanted and, come New Year's Day, got so frustrated with how out of control I was being that I pledged to drop 10 pounds. But the thing about this time of year is that I suddenly feel like I'm back in college and we're about to go on spring break. People get insane. The diets are intense. And I feel like I'm suffocating in healthy habits and workout overdrive.

I understand that less clothing means you're showing off more skin. I understand that showing off more skin also means showing off the cellulite in your thighs every once in a while or perhaps a flabby left bicep. But you need to do whatever it is to make you happy for you, not for anyone else. If shedding the winter weight will put a smile on your face come summertime -- go for it. With that said, don't murder yourself just because everyone else is. Being healthy is about a whole lot more than just being fit. It's about feeling good, too.

Are you a spring weight loss junkie? Have you noticed a lot of your friends picking up healthier routines?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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