Gwyneth Paltrow's Secret to Staying Slim Involves Bizarre At-Home Workout

gwyneth paltrowGwyneth Paltrow gets a lot of flak for being obnoxiously holier-than-thou about her GOOP-alicious health beliefs, and sometimes, it's well-deserved flak. But other times, I've gotta hand it to the woman, cuz she totally knows what she's doing. Similarly, her trainer, Tracey Anderson, got on my last nerve when she was flapping her yap last year about how she thinks women use pregnancy as an excuse to turn into fatties. Proof she should stick to what she knows: Exercise. Tough, kick-butt, no excuses workouts. Like this one she says is Gwynnie's secret to being a toned goddess.

The "secret" part? It can be done in the comfort of your own home using a very common household cleaning item ...


A broom! Yes, Tracey recommends that we get down on the floor with our broomsticks to get a tighter butt. She calls it her "latest workout obstacle," which "Gwyneth is always up for." And this one in particular, she says, keeps Gwyneth's "brain and body challenged." Using the stick to stabilize requires you to engage muscles you didn't even think you were working, which can lend itself to a full body tone-up. That does sound pretty awesome.

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Tracey recommends using a broomstick or tall mop to do 20 reps of each workout move (which she shared with Self magazine) in order four times a week. Once that gets easier, bump it up to 30 reps, most days. Sounds like a lot, but when you see how simple and basic the moves look, it actually doesn't seem so bad! Gotta love a workout that's as easy and simple to squeeze into your day as it is effective.

Would you try this workout?


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