Confessions of a Curvy Mom: I Exercise at Work & No One Knows

woman at deskLove summer, hate the thought of summer clothes. I'm like this every year. I complain about the months of frigid temps, pray for the thermostat to rise, and when it does, I freak out. The thought of slipping into all those warm-weather looks is a bit terrifying after a season of noshing on fatty comfort foods.

So I have been trying to hit the gym regularly to prepare for the inevitable shorts season. Problem is, there are weeks when I just can't fit in a workout. I am sure most busy moms can relate. If something has to go, it's the little bit of "me-time" we have desperately tried to carve out for ourselves. So on those weeks I won't be able to get to the gym at least three times, I've devised a fitness plan I can actually do at my desk. Yes -- at my desk! I swear my co-workers are none-the-wiser. The moves are easy and they work!

  1. Seated Crunches You don't aways have to be lying flat on an exercise mat to work out your core. Seated crunches are easy to do. Just perch near the edge of your chair, keep your knees bent with your feet flat on the floor, and keep your back straight. Breathe in deeply as you recline in a smooth, slow, and controlled movement until your shoulders hit the back of your chair. Release your breath on your way back up. 
  2. Yoga Well, kind of. You won't be able to do a full-on downward dog, but a simple stretch can do wonders in relieving stress, tension, and keeping your muscles loose. Sit up straight and turn your head to the left while your torso turns slightly to the right. Hold for 6 seconds and repeat on the other side. 
  3. Toe Raises Start with your heels flat on the ground and lift from your toes. Simple as that. Repeat 5 times.
  4. Leg Extensions Extend your right leg until it's level with your hip. Hold for a few seconds, then raise a bit higher and hold again. After 15 reps, you will definitely feel the burn. 
  5. Raise the Roof Pump both your arms over your head for at least 30 seconds. When you get weird stares, tell your co-workers it's an homage to the Jersey Shore gang.
  6. Shoulder Raises Raise your shoulder to your ear, hold for 5 seconds, and relax. Repeat 5 times.
  7. Arm Curls Use two water bottles as hand weights and bend your arms at the elbow; 12 to 15 reps is great.
  8. Hold It You can also work out your abs by contracting your stomach muscles periodically. I try to do it while typing email and letting go once I hit send. 
  9. Magic Carpet Ride This one works your mid-section and your arms. Sit crossed-legged in your chair with your hands on the armrest. Suck in your tummy and raise yourself an inch or two. Hold for 10 seconds if you can. Rest. Then repeat 5 times. 

And if you are really feeling sporty, take the stairs when you come and go. Don't be discouraged if you work on a high floor. Walk halfway, then hop on an elevator. You won't see the differences right away, but I promise after two to three weeks, you will notice your clothes are looser and your legs, arms, and tummy will be tighter. Plus, it will make you feel good.

Do you do any secret exercise moves while working or watching TV?


Image via Victor1558/Flickr

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