Lululemon Recalls See-Through Yoga Pants & THANK YOU LORD

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lululemon leggingsI love Lululemon Athletica. Not because I'm a diehard Lululemon fanatic who buys tons and tons of their expensive workout gear, but because they're honest. The athletic clothing company has recalled a whole bunch of their stretchy yoga pants because they're "too sheer." As in, hellooooo -- you can see some booty and they don't want their brand name next to your bare behind.

To this I say: THANK YOU for owning up to it, Lulu! Every day I wonder about women and their sheer workout gear. How can you feel comfortable wearing something that's see-through when you're just walking around, let alone when you're bent over doing downward dog or child's pose or whatever you fancy!?

I just have to ask the question, ladies: do you just FORGET to check yourself out in the mirror before leaving your house?

I get it, workout clothes that are made of better, thicker materials and furthermore provide full coverage cost more money. Sometimes it's easier to pit stop and grab a pair of $6 leggings from Target and call it a day. But is saving that money worth showing the world your tuchus? Sure, you may not be able to see your 3-year-old pink Victoria's Secret one-size-fits-all lace thong peeking through your bottoms while working away on the elliptical, but you better believe everyone else can. You know what they're thinking? HOW DOES SHE NOT KNOW?

Ladies, I'm going to do it. I'm giving you permission to splurge for TWO pairs of great workout pants. You deserve it. Really, you've been trying hard lately to be good at ... something. Whether or not they come from Lululemon (my favorites are Under Armour), you deserve to cover your backside.

Are you tired of seeing see-through workout clothes at the gym? Do you have any embarrassing gym clothes stories?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr


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nonmember avatar kellie

Victorias secret yoga pants are see through too! I bent over once and my husband said nice pink panties! I never wear yoga pants out of the house anymore!

youth... youthfulsoul

Do people not own mirrors? How do you not see that your clothes are see through?

MyToe MyToe

Sometimes lighting plays a big role in wether or not something appeares sheer.  Maybe she did look in the mirror, but figured the natural sunlight was enough to see if anything was amiss?  Really sounds like something I would do...

Rootbear Rootbear

I had a pair of tights like that before. Except the see-though part was only discovered AFTER we'd gotten home and I bent over in front of my boyfriend and he goes 'hey there white gotch with black hearts on them'. Luckily the palce we went was kinda dark.

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