Man Born With No Penis Will Finally See His Dream Come True

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Andrew Wardle has had a hard life. For starters, he was born without a penis. Do you really need more than that? But luckily for Wardle, there's now an operation that might give him what he was born without -- and allow him to finally have sex and start a family. And you won't believe how he's going to get this very important part of a man's anatomy. Reportedly, doctors would sculpt a man-member out of the flesh on his arm and then implant that in his groin.

Andrew was born with something called penile agenesis, in which an otherwise perfectly normal male (and one without a history of this in the family) is born without a penis. Men with this condition are born with fully functional testes, however. Wikipedia says this happens in one out of every five to six million male births.

You might be wondering how a guy like Andrew can pee. Apparently babies with this condition are immediately given an operation after birth that redirects the urethra to the rim of the anus, where they can eliminate. Andrew was also born with his bladder on the outside, for which he had corrective surgery.

According to Wikipedia, there has not yet been a successful penis implant on a man born with no penis. So Andrew, 39, could be the first. He reportedly said that he "never thought this day would come." (Snort. Sorry.)

The implant is pump-operated and would take all of the nerve endings and blood vessels from his arm. And yes, because he has working testes, they'd be able to connect his new penis and his testes so he can send semen into a woman and maybe father children. Science!!

Despite Andrew being without a penis, he seems to be quite the ladies' man. He claims to have had sex with at least 100 women. He doesn't say what kind of sex -- but he does say his lack of a penis was a turn-off to the ladies. Which I'm shocked to hear, frankly.

He says one woman cheated on him and another punched him in the face. He doesn't say why he believes either incident was related to his lack of a big dipper though! Believe me, Andrew, that stuff goes on no matter how much schlong you have or don't have.

Anyway, Andrew is a handsome guy and certainly brave for telling his story. I sure hope his operation is a success.

Have you heard of this condition?


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Megan... MeganJune03

"He reportedly said that he "never thought this day would come." (Snort. Sorry.)" Wow you are so mature.....

insei... inseineangel

@MeganJune03: I was just thinking the same thing. 

You took an awesome story and kind of made a joke out of it. That's just shameful.

But, the story behind this article is awesome. Science is amazing, isn't it? I hope this is a success, not only because it will be a scientific first, but because it will greatly improve one man's life (and hopefully more in the future, though this sounds to be a rare occurance).

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I too am disappointed to say the least at your disrespectful snide approach to this story Kiri. This man was born with a very rare physical defect, and like a bully you laugh at it. SMH in disgust.

nonmember avatar Zap

The operation is garbage, it is a VERY old concept, "pump-operated penis".
He won't feel anything at the hand has insignificantly less sensors than a normal penis, the penis has 70% chance to DIE and rot ON HIS OWN GROIN which is horrible.
His arm now looks like he had 3rd degree burns.
His 'erection" is mechanic, so it's not his own really, it's just a make-shift.

And yes the condition is horrible because you DO have the testicles - and thus the urge to have sex - but no "shaft" to poke with.
It is VERY horrible...i have it and i had to undergo regular psychological counseling because i was going insane from depression.
The operation is a joke the real HOPE will be stem-cell research if that ever gets up during my life time...and during a period in which i am still ABLE to have sex.

I'm 32 - and am a ruined person on the emotional level due to this fucking disease.

nonmember avatar r simpson

i also have penile agenesis . i live with out the penis, i am ok and just like to have people look and ask about it.

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