'Biggest Loser' Winner Revealed & Her 121-Pound Weight Loss Will Shock You (VIDEO)

Danni AllenIn my eyes, there is nothing more empowering than watching someone valiantly conquer weight loss. Last night season 14 of The Biggest Loser came to a close and Danni Allen took home the title. Starting her weight loss journey at 258 pounds, the advertising account executive from Illinois lost 121 pounds and 46.9 percent of her starting body weight -- taking home the $250,000 prize. And holy wow, she looks awesome. OK, understatement: She looks HOT.

All of season 14's contestants are inspiring, but Danni's story strikes close to home. During last night's finale, she said, "I didn't know that my dreams were possible, and I finally feel like my dream's come true." Yes, Danni. But this is only the beginning.


It feels like just yesterday I was in Danni's position. Overweight, in my early 20s, and realizing that getting in shape was vital for me to have a great life. Although my personal results didn't come about as fast as Danni's, I can relate to her dedication, seeking an ultimate goal, and seeing that hard work pay off.

Now Danni's life is truly on the ups. Sure, that $250,000 prize money is awesome, but being fit brings so many joys to your life. You have more energy, you have more options of things you can do, buying clothes takes on a whole new joy. At 26, Danni is beginning the rest of her life with the world as her fingertips.

Check out Danni's winning moment, here:

Are you amazed by Danni's results? Do you have a fantastic weight loss story of your own?


Image via NBC

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