Kelly Osbourne’s Seizure May Be Epilepsy: 5 Things to Know About the Illness


Kelly Osbourne and Sharon OsbourneLast week was scary for Kelly Osbourne and her family, to say the least. While filming an episode of E!'s Fashion Police, she suffered a 30-second seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Since then, the 28-year-old tweeted that her life has been like one giant episode of House. Her rep confirms that there's no diagnosis, she's under a doctor's care, and they are continuing to run tests.

Eeeek. Sounds a little disconcerting. A close family friend tells Us that her seizure could have resulted from an allergic reaction or even epilepsy. Well that's a little nerve wracking. It's inevitable to wonder: Could I have epilepsy and just not know it? Get all the facts, here:

1. What is it? Epilepsy is a brain disorder where a person has repeated seizures, or convulsions, over time.

2. Why do the seizures occur? The seizures occur when brain activity has been disturbed. This causes a change in your behavior and attention.

3. How can you test for epilepsy? There are many different tests, including an epilepsy EEG test, which examines electrical signals from the brain, or a Positron Emission Tomography (or PET) scan, which may be used to locate the part of the brain that is causing seizures. There are also blood tests and a spinal tap (otherwise known as lumbar puncture) that withdraws fluids surrounding the spinal cord to be examined in a lab.

4. What changes when you're diagnosed with epilepsy? You may not be able to do some of the things you could do before because of your risk for seizures, like driving a car or taking baths.

5. Is there a cure? No. But you can control it with various antiepileptic medications.

Do you or someone you know live with epilepsy? How has it changed your life?


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bills... billsfan1104

She won't be diagnosed with Epilepsy unless she has two seizures within a 24-hr period, if she had never had them before. If your seizures are under control, you can drive a car and take a bath. I let my daughter take a bath/shower only when someone is home. I think you should of provided more links, than your cliff notes presentation of Epilepsy. The best place to go is to go to the Epilepsy Foundation website, to be educated on this.

nurse... nursemama88

The stir should refrain from medical issues because the writers have no idea what they are talking about. My 7 month old had a siezure and was not hospitalized afterward. What are they going to do? I can watch her at home...she had an EEG yesterday and we afe

nonmember avatar lilyi

There are many types of siezures. Some are epilepsy and some are not. 1 in 10 kids will be diagnosed with epilepsy and 1 out of 26 adults. I hope she does not have epilepsy for her sake however if she does hopefully she can raise awareness as it is not spoken about enough when you think of how many people are dianosed with it. definitely go to The Epilepsy Foundation and find out where in your state it's offices are located. It is a wonderful organization and can help people without insurance get the neurological care and testing they need.

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