Jennie Garth Reveals Her Secret to Losing 30 Pounds for Good

jennie garthIn the past year, after divorcing husband of 11 years Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth has pretty much become the poster girl for "revenge body." Not that she was anything less than gorgeous beforehand, but the split clearly served as an impetus for many changes in her life. Changes that may have helped her get into what may be the best shape of her life.

Our beloved former Kelly Taylor actually shaved off 30 pounds total. But she recently admitted that keeping it off isn't as easy as it may look ...


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At a charity auction benefiting Autism Speaks, she told PEOPLE:

Maintenance is definitely challenging. It's something you have to do daily. You have to remind yourself what your priorities are and remind yourself about staying healthy and living a healthy life.

So, so true! And it sounds so simple, but it really isn't! Yeah, you can say you're committed to staying healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can believe you are and even feel that you are committed! But unless you're making a conscious effort and staying on the ball, keeping your eye on the long-term prize on a daily basis, you could totally slip back into old, unhealthy habits and routines.

What I feel like Jennie's realized -- and I have recently, too -- is that you really have to put in the work every day to lose weight and stay fit. It's not easy at all. It takes determination, gung-ho effort, and a long-term commitment. It takes pulling yourself out of bed earlier than you'd like to go to the gym or maybe forfeiting that cupcake or cocktail everyone else is indulging in. 

It may sound harsh, but some people really think they can be lackadaisical and still see the scale move or their jeans size change. Or they think that once they hit their goal, they can sort of "cheat" more or work out less. It's a trap, though. When it comes to health, your work is never fully done.

Not that it has to feel like work! Jennie reiterated what she's said before -- that she puts exercise and "me" time on her list:

Every day, I try to schedule something in, whether it's hiking with my dog or jogging or going to the gym.

That sounds lovely, no? Making it about feeling amazing and building in "me time" is so much better than feeling you have to get to the gym. And Jennie is proof -- that kind of attitude and commitment seriously pays off.

How do you feel about Jennie's philosophy for maintenance?

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