What's the Most & Least YOU'VE Ever Weighed - & Does It Even Matter?

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Like the majority of women in America, my weight has fluctuated since I was in high school. Since I’ve given birth twice in that time, it’s fluctuated wildly. Growing a human is hard work, man! In my case, it required bean and cheese burritos and fries. Hmmm … I don’t really wonder why I gained such a huge amount when pregnant with my eldest daughter.

My weight over the last decade and a half has ranged from 115 pounds as a vegetarian 16-year-old swimmer to number that started with two the day I gave birth to my first daughter, and everything in between. I’ve dealt with the stigma of being heavy and the contempt of others when I was thin and fit. It seems like you just can’t win as a woman sometimes.

Here’s the thing that I’ve learned with all the crazy weight gains and losses -- as long as you feel good both physically and emotionally, then screw everybody else. Seriously. You can’t make some people happy. I remember getting dirty looks ordering a cheeseburger as a 180 lb. new mom as clearly as I remember the “you’re sooooo lucky!” comments when I was training for a half marathon and carefully counting my calories. Both were disturbing.

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In a culture where Jennifer Lawrence is considered a fat actress, yet we’re supposed to support obesity awareness and/or discrimination, it’s hard to figure out what weight we’re supposed to be. Are overweight people national security risks, or just comfortable in their own bodies? Are skinny people the healthy ones, or are they just hungry bitches?

Here’s my advice when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight: Do what’s right for you to feel good about yourself, and screw everybody else. There’s a whole range of healthy weights out there, and no one can tell you what’s right except for you. Well, maybe your doctor. I’d definitely recommend listening to your doctor if you have weight-related health issues.

The perfect weight is the one that allows you to feel good about yourself and keep up with your kids. It involves exercise, but only you can decide if you’re a marathoner or someone who enjoys an early morning or evening walk. It involves food choices, but there’s nothing wrong with ordering bacon with your omelet.

I’ve found a mostly happy medium regarding my own weight. Sure, I wish I were a bit thinner … but I like cheese too much. And bread. And enchiladas. Dang it, I’m hungry again. Better schedule a run tomorrow -- because bacon.

Are you happy with your weight? Do you think there’s a right or wrong weight?

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jessi... jessicasmom1

I have always been around the same weight my life ... so I do not try to change

Doomy234 Doomy234

Whatever weight you are comfortable with and if you're healthy is fine. The weight I am now is still healthy for my body, but my goal is still to lose 15 lbs by the summer because that is the weight when I feel my best.

But whatever weight makes you happy shouldnt matter to anyone else. :)

nonmember avatar BrendaBoo

Hmmm... someone's sounding a wee bit defensive. Gained a little weight lately, Jenny?

Jalestra Jalestra

That's what should matter-health and happiness, not numbers. If your happiness is affected, or your health, then worry about it. Otherwise who cares?

I remember when I was a little girl I saw the most beautiful woman. She was most definitely obese, but you know I can still see her in my mind's eye. All the other so called "beautiful women"..I don't remember them. I just remember that beautiful woman, her eyes sparkling, a huge smile on her face, and so kind.

MaryC... MaryCimino

To me it should be a healthy weight, if you're a little bit bigger than normal who cares! Believe it or not I used to weigh almost 400 pounds! After I realized I was mutilating myself as a result of abuse by my mother (Who always tells me I'm fat and ugly and no man should love me amongst other things she's told me) I started working out for a while. I dropped down to 170. I've gained some back when I had kids last time I weight myself I was 235 so I'm back to jogging again to loose some weight to get healthier.

dusky... dusky_rose

I don't think there is a perfect weight to be, just a range of weight for your height and bone structure. I try to eat healthy and walk my dog 3 to 4 times a day.

LadyM... LadyMinni

I think health should be what matters, and sometimes that means going against cultural standards. The most I have weighed in my entire life was 123 lbs, when I was working out and had about 15 lbs of pure muscle. I LOVED my body! The least I have weighed in my adult life (18 years old, 5'7) was 89 lbs and I was horribly sick. A few people told me that I looked good, most wanted to stick me in a hospital. I was with the "let's go to the hospital!" group, though I didn't go because I ate hospitals. I just ate a lot.

Health, however, is subjective. I know it sounds stupid, but it is. I have a lady who I would consider morbidly obese -about my height, and 250 lbs- but who had no health problems. She said she was comfortable with her weight, so I didn't advise her to drop the fries.

I won't lie, I am shallow and I don't like looking at obese people. Sometimes I'm so shallow that if I stood, barefoot, in a puddle of myself I wouldn't get my feet wet. I just don't tell people that they're fat, or ugly, or that they need to lose weight. Sure they do, but is that my business?

mrswi... mrswillie

I use to be overweight. I'd rather not say how much. lol

mleil... mleilanim

103 at the commencing of my first pregnancy, 185 at the cessation of my third pregnancy, & 119 now. Gained 10# in each respectively.

The wrong weight is only the one creating hazards to your health...or others health; otherwise, if it's right for you, then its right for me.


Madel... Madelaine

I have been anywhere from 110 to 180 and am now at 140.  I was too thin at 110 but I could definitely lose the extra 20 pounds.

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