Snooki Loses 42 Pounds & You Won't Believe How She Did It

SnookiAnd for biggest transformation of a reality TV star ... the award should definitely go to Snooki. I can't think of any other celebrity in recent time who has undergone such a metamorphosis, or at least a positive one anyway.

From her Jersey Shore days falling down and peeing on herself to becoming an admirable mother, she's really made changes for the better in her life. Now, on top of it all, she has also completely changed her body, losing an amazing 42 pounds since giving birth to her son, Lorenzo, last August.

She's rocking a bikini on the cover of Us Weekly, and she has never looked better. At just 4-foot-9, the famous Guidette now weighs 102 pounds. That puts her BMI at a healthy 22.1, and it's clearly a weight that suits her. Who would have ever thought Snooki would be an inspiration in so many ways?

So, of course, now what we all want to know is: How did she do it?


It sounds like she did it the smart way -- through diet and exercise. She told the magazine, "You just need to get your ass to the gym and eat healthy!" She said there were no crazy pills or weird diets; she just started working out about four days a week six weeks after delivering her baby, and also used a meal service that delivers meals that contain 1,300 per day. Good for her.

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I think the old Snooki would have signed on to pimp any fly-by-night weight loss scheme, powder, or pill. I wouldn't have been surprised at all to see her professing the powers or a pickle-juice-only diet or something equally outrageous. So her healthy approach to weight loss is shocking in the best possible way, and more evidence of her total life transformation. She just keeps surprising us.

The reason she lost the weight is even better. She told the magazine, "I lost it for me, but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom."

I was so glad to see that she put herself  first as the reason for doing it, because really, that's the only reason that is going to motivate you for the long-term, and it's the most important one. Sure, looking hot for your partner is important too, but working toward a goal for yourself is the most satisfying of all. Way to go, Snooki.

Are you shocked by Snooki's extreme body makeover?


Image via Us Weekly

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