Amanda Seyfried's Trainer Reveals Her Super-Easy Secrets to Staying Slim (VIDEO)

amanda seyfriedEyeball the parade of glam, super-in-shape stars walking the red carpet this awards season, you really start to wonder about the arsenal of slimming secrets they're keeping from the general public. For instance, take the always stunning Amanda Seyfried -- was she just born with that killer figure or does she know something or do something we don't?

The answer is a little bit of both! She definitely won the DNA jackpot to some extent, but she also works on it. And she wisely works with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, whose new book, The Body Reset Diet, comes out soon. Harley recently shared some of Amanda and other stars' slimming snacking secrets in a video for OK! magazine. Check it out ...


Love all of these suggestions, mostly because they're all so clean and simple. Notice how just about everything he suggests we snack on boasts just one ingredient. Or a couple of whole foods ingredients -- fiber-filled fruit and protein-packed Greek yogurt -- paired together for double the satiation.

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Snacking clean like Harley suggests really is the best way to stay full, keep energy levels stable, and also keep our metabolisms firing as best they can. Because not only are foods like the ones he suggests nutrient-dense, but our bodies recognize them. Unlike pseudo-healthy garbage like protein bars filled with soy protein isolate and lab-created sweeteners. Ew.

But peanuts? Popcorn? Fresh raspberries? Yes, please! Seriously, snacks like those make eating like a celeb look colorful, delicious, and so filling to boot.

What are your favorite healthy, filling snacks?


Image via Brock Miller/Splash News

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