'DWTS' Star Cheryl Burke Tells Us Eating Cheese Helps Her Stay in Shape

Cheryl BurkeIf anyone knows how important it is to cut the junk and reach for healthy foods when it comes to snacking, it's Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke. Considering she spends as much as eight hours a day in the studio when she's competing on DWTS, she definitely doesn't have any room in her schedule for a mid-day energy crash.

Cheryl was kind enough to take a few minutes to chat with me last week about Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars, and she also provided me with some great tips on how to keep snacks on the healthy side and stay motivated with a regular exercise routine.


On making healthy choices when it comes to snacking:

I pay much more attention to making sure I snack throughout the day now, which is something I didn't used to do. When you're in the studio dancing for eight hours a day, it's important to be prepared and bring healthy snacks full of protein to keep your energy up. Sargento natural cheese snacks are my favorite on-the-go snack, and they're pre-packaged, so it helps me keep my calorie count under control. I also listen to my body and pay attention to my cravings so I keep a balance of satisfaction and moderation.

On staying hydrated throughout the day:

Even when you’re not sweating from dance practice like me, it is still easy to become dehydrated. Regardless of what I’m snacking on, I’m always drinking water. To help increase water intake, I recommend adding slices of oranges or cucumbers for a bit of flavor.

On staying in shape in between seasons of DWTS:

I always make sure to get my cardio workouts in each week, and I enjoy doing yoga as well.

On how to stay motivated when it comes to exercise:

Find an activity you love and stick with it. I started dancing when I was 4 and it still gets my heart rate up. Think about your favorite activity and find a way to fit it into your workout for a routine that will motivate you to be active and one that you’ll enjoy.

On sticking with it once you get going:

Make it a point to stay committed. You don’t need a dance floor to be active. All it takes is a time commitment. Try dedicating 10 minutes three times a day to your fitness. Learn activities you can do in the work place, on your lunch break, or even while watching TV.

(Hmm. There have to be a few ways we can get moving while watching the new season of DWTS, right?)


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