Crazy New Fad Diet Makes You Stop Eating for Days

the fast dietDear England: We will take your Downton Abbey, your Brit pop, your endless stories about Kate Middleton, and definitely David Beckham. But your "Fast Diet" craze? No thank you. Really. Keep that one to yourselves.

The latest diet fad in the UK is based on the book The Fast Diet. The idea is pretty simple: Eat what you want for five days, and then fast for two days. I guess it's kind of like the interval training of eating. You're shaking up your metabolism by keeping your body guessing. "Will we eat today ... or will we starve?!? OMG, I don't know. BURN BABY, BURN!" I guess? Sounds fishy, but apparently there's some science to it.


So first of all, it's not quite as bad as it sounds. For those two "fast" days, you get two small meals of about 250 calories each (so that's around 500 calories a day). The diet was created by Dr. Michael Mosley, a medical journalist. He experimented on himself, first, and also interviewed scientists who did fasting experiments with animals.

He came to the conclusion that intermittent fasting can result in weight loss, lower risk of cancer and heart disease, and more energy. He says when you fast, even for just a few hours, "The body goes into a repair-and-recover mode when it no longer has the work of storing the food being consumed." So the body burns that energy instead of using it to pad your spare tire or saddle bags.

Well, I suppose it's possible ... But can you really eat whatever you want for those five days? What if people overeat in anticipation of their fasting days? Apparently the science behind the diet is not exactly rock solid. So ... I'm not buying it. Hate to say it, but it always comes down to the same thing: The best diet is the one you work out with your doctor to fit your particular needs, and it probably involves eating more vegetables and cutting back on junk food. Womp-womp.

Anyway, fasting makes you cranky. It makes you THIN: Tired Hungry Irritable Nasty, that is. I think this is just another silly dieting gimmick.

Would you try this fasting diet?


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